Time Changed, So Did Cricket

When we start the discussion of how cricket has changed in all these years, the discussion might never end. Cricket is one of the most watched sports all over the world now and day by day it’s scope widens up. The broadcasting of cricket games itself is big change in the history of sports. Every year we see new innovative things being shown up on live games. Windows analyses of batsmen and bowlers, recently we saw that Intel chips on bat can analyse the bat speed and the angle of the shot. Now the seam or spin area of the pitch can be analysed by the drone cameras. The hot-spot, the Hawk-eye and much more make cricket more definable. With in few years, more technology will be introduced to cricket and all we can do is to sit in front of the television and wonder what is next.

Also business in cricket is on fire in this modern age of the sports. The sponsors make the franchises earn millions. The introduction of IPL changed the concepts of sponsors. There are even sponsors for boundaries and wickets.

But the most impressive change in cricket is the women’s cricket. Cricket is said to be a ”Gentlemen Game” but the person who said it looks like forgot to add ”Ladies” as well. With the popularity of men’s cricket, of course little highlight goes up for the women cricket. But that little highlight is now getting a little more prominent and people are also showing interest in the women’s cricket day by day. It does not get the attention men’s cricket get, but if we go back in the early years of cricket in 18th and 19th century, People did watch women’s cricket a lot and there always was a huge attendance back then. The reason was, no difference was drawn between the women’s cricket and the men’s cricket.

We look at the current generation of women cricketers. They all have their idols, a player who inspired them to play cricket. Everyone takes inspiration from the men’s cricket due to it’s popularity. Boys, girls, they followed the likes of Sachin Tendulkar or Ricky Ponting. But now with the broadcasting of women’s game, girls no longer have to watch men’s cricket only to inspire them to play cricket. The current generation of women’s cricket has brilliant characters like Meg Lanning, Mithali Raj, Ellyse Perry and much more. Not just inspire the girls, but they inspire everyone now for the game of cricket. If we go back in early 2000s, when cricket was at it’s peak ( Cricket is always at it’s peak, it’s just that it had a special feeling back then ) women’s cricket did not get much of the live coverage. How is the game supposed to be promoted if people can’t watch it on their TVs?

Now, with broadcasting companies broadcasting women’s cricket, the sport does get up on the top highlights. More people are paying attention to the women’s cricket with the Women’s Cricket World Cup this year. The fan pages and cricket forum are promoting and talking about it a lot but it all starts with the games being broadcasted. The interest is increasing, they don’t get much of the sponsors but now companies are being attracted as well. Women Cricket associations of England, Australia and New Zealand are setting a good example of giving the girls full facilities. It shows that full facilities can change the scope and popularity of women’s cricket.

Cricket has changed a lot. With women’s cricket being discussed on TV and radio shows, who knows with in few years the stadium will be jam-packed. Women’s cricket has iconic characters now. The game is growing up, it has no boundaries. Records of women’s cricket are being broken day by day, it has superstars now who have a large fan following, who everyone admires.

This is actually good for the cricket, all this shows that there are no boundaries in cricket and at the end of the day, gender does not matter as long as a fan is watching and enjoying the game of cricket. Hopefully in future, Women’s cricket will expand it’s scope and every nation would be provided same facilities and equal priority as of men’s cricket.

On other note, Women’s cricket has always been fun to watch. It even had a domination period between Australia and England since the start till now. With more interest in the women’s cricket, countries like India, West Indies and South Africa are rising up as well.

Women’s cricket is now identifiable. Everyone knows about stars like Mandana, Mithali Raj, Meg Lenning and Ellyse Perry. The game of cricket probably is one of those few sports, in which Men and Women offer the same type of sports. Enjoy the game!

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