West Indies Set For A Reunion With Stars

The West Indies Cricket has been going through a rough patch since the start of 2016, when Cricket Board of West Indies proposed different policies which ended up resulting a dispute between the players and the board. Salary issues and the other new policy of selection rules, created up a drama for a while which was ended up by the West Indian Cricket Board after terminating the central contract of the cricketers who did not agree the new policies proposed by the board. Right when everyone thought the movie was over about the dispute, it actually got even worse after reports came out of West Indian Cricket Board sacking the players on 30-seconds phone call. Things were literally shattered for a while and the “bad image” of West Indian Board came up.

West Indies was now without it’s star players like Darren Sammy, Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard and few more. Jason Holder was named as the captain, who was completely inexperienced for the captaincy.

An inexperienced West Indian team was built up, which was a negative sign for the cricket. That West Indian team went through stages of embarrassing performances. The team was not solid enough to compete at international level. West Indies was then dropped to ranking no. 9 in One-day Internationals and no. 8 in Tests. West Indie’s chances of direct qualifications for the 2019 Cricket World Cup dropped to low chances and no positive future could be felt with the current inexperienced players.

It’s obvious that a team that was one of the finest team in the world with the combination of top class players couldn’t be the same without them.

West Indies Cricket Board although was late to realise, but atleast they did realised that it’s time to hold up talks with the players and solve the disputes between the board and the players.

The talks between the West Indies Players Association and West Indies Cricket Board reportedly gave out some positive signs for the return of the big names.

West Indies Cricket Board is expected to change it’s policies which were opposed by the players. All other things are also being negotiated.

West Indies, who seems to have no visible chance for direct qualifications for the World Cup 2019, the West Indies Cricket Boards seems to be taking things seriously in order to have positive results in the series in England with in few weeks. The only way West Indies can have direct qualification is if Sri Lanka losses 5-0 in ODI series against India and then if West Indies wins 4-0 in the One-day International series.

Last week Chris Gayle was back in action for the West Indies Cricket team in the T20i game against India.

“I was happy to represent the West Indian Cricket team and the fans were happy to see me in action as well. Hopefully I can play a few more game and I definitely want to play a few more.” said Chris Gayle after his return to the West Indian side after almost 15 months. Jerome Taylor was also seen back in action after a long time in the West Indian side.

After negotiations between West Indies Cricketers Association and the West Indies Cricket Board, the likes of Darren Bravo, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard and Sunil Narine are expected to be available for the selection for West Indies ODI side.

Darren Sammy is also said to be part of the negotiations according to the reports but nothing is prominent regarding him at the moment.

Andre Russell will also play for West Indies once his one year-ban will be served after failing the doping test.

If the dispute between the players and the board is solved, the insecure future of cricket West Indies might just get secure. The young inexperienced can learn a lot from the seniors. No one likes to see West Indies perform poor since people all over love the cricket of West Indies.

Another meeting will be held soon between the players and governing cricket bodies of West Indies.

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