Why Cant The Football Leagues System Be Implemented On Cricket.

Football and Cricket are one of the most played sports around the World. Football is albeit the most popular sport in the World, Cricket has grown its popularity in recent years too.

Many changes have taken place in Cricket, and the most prominent one is the introduction of a new format, T20 (short for Twenty20). As T20 is the shortest format of the game, it attracts the most audience. An increasing trend has taken place that every Cricket-playing nation has its own T20 League. While many have compared this with the League system of Football, the formula can’t be applied on Cricket.

A large portion of the Football Calendar is filled with Leagues around the world, while some weeks are taken out for International Matches. Meanwhile, in Cricket, International Cricket is given priority over the leagues. In Football, the leagues go on for 8-9 months and span over 37-38 match days, but the Cricket Leagues take place for 2-3 weeks or a month maximum. In Football, the Leagues are the main competition while International Tournaments take place in June-July when no leagues are being played. In a Football Calendar, leagues are given priority over International matches. But that is not the case with Cricket. A Cricket Calendar comprises mainly of International Cricket, with players preferring their national teams over the frequent leagues being played. Cricket leagues do not coincide with each other as Football leagues do so that allows players to play in as many leagues as they like, while in Football, a player is bound to play in one league at a time.

Football Leagues do not disturb the International schedule but increasing Cricket Leagues are threatening the International Calendar of Cricket.

People are comparing Cricket leagues with Football leagues, both may be similar in some aspects, but they widely differ from each other.

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