Women’s Cricket World Cup Final, Cricket Wins Yet Again

Finally, today was the day. Today was the final day. At Lord’s. Women’s World Cup Final 2017 was set to be played today. Out of the best 8 women’s team in the world, only the “final best two” teams were left to fight with each other in the final battle. Winning World Cup is a dream of any little boy or girl. Today, cricket was lady’s game. They worked hard all there lives for this special fixtures, for this final fixture. Usually people don’t show up for women’s game in big numbers but today, more than 25,000 people came to cheer their teams, to cheer the game of cricket.

This Women’s World Cup was probably the best ever. The teams were given equal importance, there was technology involved, the sports channel did broadcast the games and people watched it all over the world, people showed interest. People even started to attend games at the stadiums. It was not different from any Men’s World Cup. Because cricket is cricket and genders are not supposed to create a difference in it.

No other team than Australia, England and New Zealand has won the Women’s World Cup. There’s a big domination living but it was the heroics of India, who showed glimmer of hope to break the domination after shocking Australia in the semi-final. On the other hand it was again England, aiming to win a World Cup again.

Lord’s was the venue, 23rd of July 2017 was the date and England vs India it was. It was the first time in many years that a huge attendance was present in a women’s game. It was a big occasion, big match and a big stage. It was at the house of cricket, it was where it all started.

With England batting first, they had a decent start until Winfield was dismissed for just 24 runs. Two more wickets fell down at just the score of 63. The English captain Heather Knight was dismissed for just 1 run. The star wicket-keeper, Sarah Taylor scored sensible 45 runs. On the other hand Natalie Sciver scored a brilliant fifty to take England in to a much better situation in the match. But they couldn’t stay for long either as Mithali Raj’s India picked up the momentum at a perfect moment. England were 168 for 6 wickets and India had a much better shot at the game. Brunt and Gunn took England to a respectable total of 228. India needed 229 runs in 50 overs to be crowned as the World Champions. Jhulan Goswami took 3 wickets for just 23 runs in 10 overs.

India surely has the best bowler and the best batsman in the history of the Women’s cricket. The best bowler did her job, it was now Mithali Raj’s time to blast with her bat. India suffered a big blow after Mandhana was bowled for a duck in the second over. 11 overs later Mithali Raj was sent back to the pavilion for just 17 runs. Mithali Raj is the Tendulkar and Kohli of the women’s cricket. Mithali’s dismissal could’ve been the turning point of the game but Raut and Kaur scored a brilliant partnership of 95 runs. Sadly the star performer of the semi-final, Kaur was dismissed. It didn’t seem to be a big blow for India since they 7 wickets left in hand. Another solid 50+ partnership was scored until 4th wicket went down. India were 191 for 4 wickets in 43 overs. The next over, Gone! Verma goes back to the pavilion with a duck! 5 down! England now has a chance to pull the game on their side. 45th over, gone! Taken at mid-wicket! England didn’t pull the game to their side but it was between the two sides now. Anything could happen now. One bad shot from India and it was all over. One bad delivery from England, it was all over.

In a world where competitive matches are not witnessed anymore, the Women’s cricket just showed a thriller, that also in a final. The crowd is loud. The pressure is on, on both sides. Anything can happen. Everyone’s heart were jumping a little bit higher than they should have been. The atmosphere at Lord’s is sensitive now. The people who played cricket here centuries ago must have been proud, what a display of cricket it was. One second, it’s England, the other it’s India. No one can predict who’ll win. India is 10 runs short to win a World Cup with 2 wickets in hand. A little bit of eagerness costed India a wicket, a run out. It’s the perfect shot for England now, you don’t know whether the shot will be a perfect shot until you don’t take it, just like the Luke Skywalker. It’s just 2 wickets for England and 10 runs for India. Sharma tends to play a shot, a boundary to ease the pressure but it unfortunately edges, the catch is taken. English crowd goes up in the air, joys are all over at the Lord’s. England are just one wicket behind. Just one. While India is 10 runs short. Anything can happen
But it turned out to be in England’s fate, Gayakwad plays it wrong, and England wins the World Cup!
It turned out to be a great final where both teams fought hard till the end but it had only one winner. The crowd in joy, the world was because, cricket won today. It showed there’s no specific difference between Men’s and Women’s cricket. It displayed a perfect thriller. The world couldn’t stop applauding the Indian side for their efforts either. England might have won the World Cup, but India played a big part as well to make cricket a better game.

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