Zainab Abbas shares the hardships she faced being a female journalist

Zainab Abbas shares the hardships she faced being a female journalist

Zainab Abbas, the well-known female Pakistani cricket journalist, has grabbed attention after hosting a number of events. She is one of those rare females, who have stepped in the field of sports and have made it possible to ace and touch the skies after facing several hardships.

Cricket is the most-watched sports in Pakistan and especially, men’s cricket is preferred and watched over women’s cricket. Although there are several females who have been highlighted in cricket recently amidst their hard work.

The players such as Kainat Imtiaz, Nida Dar, Bismah Maroof, Sana Mir, Javeriya are notable names in cricket whereas, Sawera Pasha, Alia Rasheed, and most known, Zainab Abbas, are the features of journalism.

In a recent interview, Zainab has shared the hardship she faced initially among all men. She discussed that being the only woman, cricketers did not use to feel much comfortable with her although, they have learnt to make a space with her in media show now.

Her consistency has made her a star despite several failures and rejections at several levels. In Pakistan, where men are prioritized over women, often females get deprive of their goals as their dreams get crushed.

“In Pakistan, being a woman in sports is a challenge. There were certain cricketers who were not comfortable working with me because I am a woman. Some of the more religious were not comfortable sharing the screen space with me initially,” Zainab was quoted as saying on ‘Clean Bowled’ Podcast by Women’s Cric Zone.

“But, now, they are comfortable because I’ve worked long enough in the industry where people will feel a certain level of comfort, and people know that I will be doing my job well,” Zainab mentioned.

The lady has featured herself as the presenter in the ICC World Cup 2019 and has hosted the multiple seasons of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) as well.

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