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FBR starts investigating Mohammad Hafeez’s hidden assets that worth 17 crore PKR

Former Pakistani T20 and ODI captain, Mohammad Hafeez has found himself in trouble for the reason irrelevant to cricket. Federal Bureau of Revenue has reported that tax collection body is probing him for alleged concealment of assets.

For alleged concealment of assets, Hafeez has been sent a show-cause notice from Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR).

However according to the reports, Hafeez has denied receiving any show cause notice. He reported to the media that,

“I am unaware of any notice from the FBR. I have no idea why such a piece of news is being spread.”

As a result of self defence, he narrated that he hasn’t any hidden assets. He further added,

“I file my tax returns every year without fail.”

On the other hand, Geo news stated that FBR has confirmed that they had issued a show-cause notice to the all-rounder.

Previously, in 2015, The regional tax office had recovered 0.5 million directly from Hafeez’s salary against his tax liability of 3.7 millions as he had been tax defaulter of year 2010-11.

FBR claims that Hafeez has neglected to proclaim resources of worth 170 million due to which government body is auditing his salary from previous five years.

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