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Babar Azam replaces Azhar Ali as Pakistan Test captain

Babar Azam is proving to be the next big thing in Pakistan cricket. He has already made waves with his accomplishments and aficionados all around the globe admire him.

A batsman who not only scores runs but is consistent. A batsman who tries to continually improve his capabilities and overcome his weaknesses. A batsman who is the moral fiber of the team’s batting.

Babar was recently bestowed with the opportunity of captaining the side for both ODI and T20i. It will not be wrong to say that he completed his task in a very satisfying manner. If this was not enough, recently the official news came out that the new test captain for the Pakistan cricket team is going to be none other than Babar Azam.

Babar Azam has been named captain of the Pakistan Test side too. Photo: Getty Images

With 29 matches and 53 innings played in total Babar has scored a total of 2045 runs with the help of 239 4’s and 10 6’s. He has fifteen 50’s and five 100’s in his record with an average of 45.44 and a strike rate of 56.46.

Babar has remained not out 8 times and the highest run score that he was able to achieve was 143. These impressive stats do speak for themselves and if there is one person that can handle the responsibilities well, all eyes do go to Babar Azam.

However, people are concerned that being a captain for all three formats may distract him from his real focus which is batting. If this happens then Pakistan batting will suffer the most as it relies heavily on his potential of scoring hefty runs and putting up a good total on board.

But these worrying thoughts can be put to rest as Babar not only won both the ODI and t20i series as a captain against the Zimbabwe cricket team but was able to stun everyone with his batting performance too. This does show that Babar Azam is a cricketer who can handle it all.

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