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Sarfraz Ahmed makes emotional revelation after being abused by fan

Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed has faced a lot of criticism and social media hatred, ever since his team’s loss to India during the ICC World Cup match. With fans continuing to criticise him, a viral video shows a Pakistan fan body-shaming the Pakistan captain, in front of his son.

In the video, a man asks Sarfaraz to pose for a selfie in a mall in England. Though Sarfaraz obliged to the request, the man is seen abusing him, calling him ‘fat like a pig’. As Sarfaraz maintained composure and walked away with his son, the man continued to criticise him.

Later, The fan, however, has seemingly realised his mistake and issued an apology to Sarfaraz Ahmed, as well as the people of Pakistan.

In the video, the offender insisted that he didn’t know how the video was posted on the social media, as he deleted the footage after Sarfaraz Ahmed confronted him.

“I was telling something to the Pakistani captain, which is not correct. I apologise to everyone, who was offended with the incident, I had never uploaded that video,” said the fan.

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed has revealed that he saw his wife crying after she watched the video of him getting verbally abused by a fan.

When I went back to the hotel I saw my wife was crying after watching the video,” said Sarfraz.

“I tried to explain to her that this is just one video and that we have had people walk up to us and tell things. This is nothing serious we must be strong. All of this is a part of life, when we don’t perform well we will have to go through all this,” he added.

“Obviously, this does hurt us. This incident happened two days before as the video was circulated a day before the match. This was playing on my mind, but I didn’t pay much heed as I thought that he won’t do this as his family was also with him… But when the video became viral my body language was quite demotivated. It was not because of me. It was because of my son Abdullah who was me at that time. That’s why it hurt me even more,” said Sarfraz.

The skipper further said that he choose not to answer back to that person, as people would have not seen the truth otherwise.

“If I would have gotten into an argument at that time, people would have not seen the truth and I would have been seen in the negative light instead. Everything happens due to Allah’s will, the video went viral and everyone supported me,” he said.

I have always said that our Pakistani fans love us a lot, said Sarfraz. Photo: Getty Images

“Not just family members whoever saw the video have reacted against it. I would like to thank everyone who sent me tweets and messages of support and love on social media,” he said.

“We are grateful to everyone. Whatever we are today is because of our fans. If our fans support us, even we will perform better and stay motivated.

I have always said that our Pakistani fans love us a lot. And we also know that when we win they will give us a lot of respect and when we lose, their anger is valid because they have expectations from us.”

Sarfraz revealed that even after Pakistan lost to India, fans kept delivering messages of support and vowed to keep backing the team.

“After losing the match against India, that one week that passed by. However, it was our fans [that] still came to Lord’s and supported the Pakistan team. They came to the hotel where we were staying and even met us outside and all of them told us one thing that we should concentrate on giving our best and leave the rest up to God.”

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed firmly believes that his side can win their remaining two group stage matches and qualify for the World Cup semi-finals.

The men in green kept their hopes of reaching the last four alive with a six-wicket win over New Zealand at Edgbaston on Wednesday.

Pakistan’s next opponent will be Afghanistan, who they will play at Headingley on Saturday. Photo: Getty Images

Pakistan will take on Afghanistan on Saturday at Headingley, after that, Sarfraz’s side will take on Bangladesh at Lord’s on July 5.

However, even if Pakistan do win both of their remaining group stage matches, it may not be enough to get them into the semi-finals as they will need to rely on the results of some of the other games.

Despite this, Sarfraz is confident that his team will make it to the last four. “We are very confident and hopefully we will do very well in the next two matches,” he said.

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