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Imran Khan wants to do everything himself,” said Kashif Ansari

Kashif Ansari, who is sports promoter, cricket analyst and advisor of PSLs’ franchise; Peshawar Zalmi has criticized Pakistani Prime minister, Imran Khan in a most ‘fierce and fuming’ way.

The conclusion of his video comprises of the bitter truths about PCB and the management. He has said that,

“If Imran Khan wills to do every task by himself, then why he has hired people around him who are devouring illegally?”

Kashif has continued with the height of criticism on people who are known by World Cup 1992 victory. He has scoffed that; Imran Khan has made them all heroes. They have just won the title of ‘legends’ after WC92 victory but, the man who had put on his efforts and faith on him was Imran Khan.

He meant Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, and other well-known openers who are causing downfall of Pakistan Cricket while devouring millions without doing a piece of work. Such people has devastated Pakistan who instead of performing national duties are the boss of the millions.

He narrated to Imran Khan that,

“You have forgotten that you have left them alone in an open forest with wild animals everywhere around. The only way is either to be a wild animal or make friends with them. The so called ‘heroes of WC92’ have gone for the second way.”

Watch the complete video:


He acknowledged Prime Minister about the one and only unbiased report that comprises of many hidden and bitter truths about each and every player, managements’ corrupt values. Kashif has raised the question over it that,

“If the report is wrong then why don’t anyone mentioned in the report have not knocked the doors of supreme court yet?”

He has emphasized over several roles ruling over the Pakistan Cricket. CEO of PCB; Wasim Khan, Chairman of PCB; Najam Sethi, and Zakir Khan have been criticized by him and he mentioned them as the biggest culprits who have never given anything to Pakistan.

According to him, they are the people who have just been swallowing millions and never ever have done anything for the sake of beloved country which has entitled them with such biggest identities.

Kashif has advised Imran Khan to free himself and Pakistan Cricket from such culprits. Those who should have been kept away from Cricket have been handed over Cricket which has done nothing but have make embarrassed Pakistan overall the world.
In the end, he thanked Subhan Ahmed who recently has retired from 9-year-old post of COO from PCB. He said,

“I thank Subhan from the deep of my heart that he has retired from the post. It is a very blissful and good news in actual. Hope so for many more retirements of the culprits to come.”


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