Introduction to UEFA Champions League

The UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE is a competition between teams from different leagues which is organized by Union of European Football Association. It is one of the best tournament of football in the whole world as it attracts large audiences. The crowd of UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE each game is approximately 43,000.

Different teams from different leagues compete for the first four places and the teams who claim the first 4 places in the their respective leagues compete in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. The tournament begins in mid- July and consists of 32 teams. The 32 teams are drawn in 8 groups of four teams and the first two proceed to the knockout stage. The final match of this tournament is held in May and this tournament is held every year.

It’s a very big achievement for all of the players and all of the teams that qualifies for this tournament and the teams which fails to qualify for this tournament can compete in a tournament called UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE. 

REAL MADRID is one of the top team at the moment and they are current UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Champions. They defeated Juventus 4-1 in the final of 2017. They won this league 12 times. Spanish teams have highest number of victories. This competition is won by 22 clubs and 12 of them have won it twice. Any team that wins the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE three years in a row or five times overall wins the right to retain a full sized replica of the trophy. Six clubs have earned this honour which are: Real Madrid, Ajax, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Liverpool, Barcelona. 40 Medals are presented to CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNER and 40 medals to runner-ups.

All the fans are very excited when it comes to the draw of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. This year the most famous draw is Paris-Saint-German Vs Real Madrid. After 37 minutes all the tickets were sold and the second most famous draw is Barcelona Vs Chelsea.

The all-time top scorer is Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid with 114 goals and the runner up is Lionel Messi with 97 goals.

The winner of CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and EUROPA LEAGUE competes in the UEFA SUPER CUP. All the fans are very excited for this match because it is the match of winners and everyone is hoping that their team will win.

Written by: Mahin Ali

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