Real Madrid Star Retains His Spot As The Richest Athlete

The man who has helped Real Madrid win Champions League recently is declared as the richest athlete in the world. Cristiano is the highest paid sports person for the two consecutive year. According to research, he earned $ 93m last year which includes salary and endorsements. Real Madrid paid him $ 58m, while he made rest of the huge amount through sponsors. He is the biggest star on social media, as well, with millions of followers.

This list of richest athletes includes the players from 11 different sports. Basketball dominates with a record 32 players among the top 100, baseball is second with 22 (although none of them in top 25), American football with 15, football and tennis with 9, racing and golf with 5, boxing with 5, cricket, MMA and track with only 1 player in the list of top 100.

The top 100 athletes earned a total of $ 3.11bn last year.

Top 10:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. LeBron James
3. Lionel Messi
4. Roger Federer
5. Kevin Durant
6. Andrew Luck
7. Rory Mcllory
8. Stephen Curry
9. James Harden
10. Lewis Hamilton

Serena Williams is the only woman on the list in 51st position with $ 27m. Virat Kohli from India is the only cricketer with $ 22m. McCregor and Usain Bolt are also the one representative from their sports category that is MMA and track respectively.

Americans dominate the list with 63 athletes, UK is second with 6, then Dominican Republic with 5 and Spaniards with 3 athletes. Beside there countries, no other country has more more than two athletes in the list.

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