Summer Transfer Window Summary.

This summer transfer window, football fans saw many shocking decisions, U turns, tug-of-war between managements and disappointed team managers. Where some of the teammates were sad on leaving their respective teams, some also insisted their boards to make them free agents.

Transfer window goes like this every summer where some shocking decisions are seen, but this transfer window, boards collectively spent more money then ever making this window the most expensive one.

Where we saw many expected decisions this summer, some of them surprised us totally. Barca lost their man, the man with magical legs, to PSG with a record transfer clause of 222m euros.

Barcelona fans and board are yet to overcome the shocking decision made by Neymar. No one gave a single thought to this transfer before the window started. No one wanted him to leave as Barca and Neymar seemed to be a good combination. The place created by his absence will take a long time to be filled by anyone.

Barcelona board didn’t make much intelligent signings this summer as their mid and defence look weeker than ever.

Their arch rivals  Real Madrid, though didn’t participate much in this window, have a very competitive and good looking combinations as their bench force is also very capable.

The League 1 giants, Paris Saint-Germain have made astonishing moves this summer making possible to have Neymar and ex-Monaco star “Mbappe” in their team. Their attack looks good with Mbappe, Neymar and Cavani.

The Premier League teams also participated much in the window. Manchester United got Lukaku in their team who has performed very well in their starters. Chelsea got the Castillian young blood ‘Morata’ in their team. Chelsea having won the last PL title, are now aiming for the next. This time Liverpool and Manchester City also look good with their individual stars.

 Another important transfer this summer was seen. The Real Madrid star ‘James Rodriguez’ left the team and joined the Bundesliga dream team, ‘ Bayern Munchen’. The FC Bayern looks good with Lewandowski and James and other stars.

Every board tried their best to achieve their targets and spent a lot to make moves possible. Transfer window was an interesting one and everyone stayed connected with the updates and info.

The future of el Classico doesn’t look quite promising as the Catalans(FCB) don’t have a competitive team left behind after the heroes like Xavi, Fabrègas, Ronaldinho and Henry. In addition to this, their board didn’t make any good signing and also lost Neymar to PSG.

The greatest footballer ever to kick the ball ” Lionel Messi” , is also not happy with the board as they failed to get things done for their team and make a combination for which Barca is known. Andres Iniesta also showed his anger for the board as they haven’t offered him any new contract yet. Iniesta is one the most talented players which FC Barcelona got from their club , La Massia. In these circumstances, it will not be much shocking if Messi or Andres leaves barca in near future as they are not supposed to waste their time for a board having a non serious attitude.

On contrary, Real Madrid, the super giants of football, have a pretty much balanced team and are again favorites for the La Liga . Their new attacking sensation ” Marco Asenso” has a super powerful leg from which he gets things done. Cris Ronaldo, despite of his age, performing very well for his team.

In the end, we hope that the spell of el Classico never breaks as it is the most healthy competition for football. Barcelona are supposed to overcome their problems in very near future. We hope they do pay their all attention for the team.

Written By Syed Ahmad Arshad,

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