Fans of 2017

Green Team promises to be the platform for sports enthusiasts, and it’s members are core part of its success!

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Green Team appreciates their active members, and here is the list of all Fan of the Weeks and Fan of the Month of Year 2017:

January 2017

8th Muzzamil Rasheed
15th Bilal Yameen
22nd HAseeb Arshad
29th Junaid Mashood
Fan of the Month Vaseem Ghanghro

February 2017

5th Bilal Yameen
12th FJ Chaudhry
19th Nasir Tariq
26th Syed Mohammad Abbas
Fan of the Month Chaudhry Hassan

March 2017

5th Nasir Tariq
12th Abdullah khan
19th Bilal Yameen
26th Areeb jawaid
Fan of the Month Abdullah Khan

April 2017

2nd Aashir Vahidy
9th Haider Awan
16th Mateen safdar
23rd Mirza Ahmed Hassan
30th Tanvir Ahsan
Fan of the Month Areeb Jawaid

May 2017

7th Aashir Vahidy
14th Mohammad Arslan
22nd Vaseem Ghanghro
28th Abeer Ullah
Fan of the Month Vaseem Ghanghro

June 2017

4th Vaseem Ghanghro
11th Abeer Ullah
18th Aashir Vahidy
25th Vaseem Ghanghro
Fan of the Month Vaseem Ghanghro

July 2017

2nd Nada Ashraf
9th Aashir Vahidy
16th Naseeb Kakar
23rd Hammad Ahmed
30th Mirza Ahmed Hassan
Fan of the Month Nasir Tariq

August 2017

6th Aashir Vahidy
13th Aashir Vahidy
20th Vaseem Ghanghro
27th Abeer Ullah
Fan of the Month Vaseem Ghanghro

September 2017

3rd Syed Moeez Gillani
10th Faiz yar Khan
17th Chaudhry Hassan
24th Muhammad Asjad
Fan of the Month Ali Choudhary

October 2017

1st Ali Choudhary
8th Abeer Ullah
15th Faiz Yar Khan
22nd Umer Siddiqui
29th Bhatti Fadi
Fan of the Month Ali Choudhary

November 2017

5th Faiz Yar Khan
12th Shahab Vayani
19th Mishi Malik
26th Syed Moeez Gillani
Fan of the Month Aima Khan

December 2017

3rd Aashir Vahidy
10th Faiz Yar Khan
17th Faiz Yar Khan
24th Noman Ashfaque Shiekh
31st Aashir Vahidy
Fan of the Month Tuba Abbasi
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