Green Super League


Green Super League is a quiz league founded in 2016 by Green Team. The league is a competition between highly competitive teams that consist of knowledgeable, focused, and hardworking participants. In order to ensure balance, a fair playing field, and an equal winning chance for all teams, participants are picking by the team captains through a drafting system. The participating teams are named after the cities of Pakistan; however, it is pertinent to mention that participation from countries other than Pakistan, such as India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and the UAE to name a few, is also welcomed.

Green Super League aims to provide a platform for enthusiastic cricket fans to enhance their cricketing knowledge. Apart from this the league also aims to help participants hone their leadership skills, improve their ability to take quick and effective decisions, and teach them how to manage time effectively.

The management of GSL intends to expand this league by involving more investors, sponsors, and other stakeholders.


GSL 2016: Rawalpindi Rebels

GSL 2017: Peshawar Patriots

GSL 2017 Masters: Karachi Knights

GSL 2018: Sialkot Shaheens

GSL 2018 Masters: Rawalpindi Rebels

GSL 2020 Knockouts: Rawalpindi


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