GSL – Rules & Instructions

The playing rules and instructions of GSL 2018 are as follows:


  • 10 Teams are playing GSL 2018 & 4 Teams will play GSL Masters
  • Each Team consist of 8 players including captain
  • Only owner & captain is authorised to join the team official group chat
  • Non Playing Owners are not allowed to take part in any match



Points System

10 Teams in GSL 2018 are divided into 2 groups. Each Team will play each other in their group once. Top two from each group will advance to the Semi Finals.

In the group stage, two points are awarded for a win and none for a loss. In case of tied scores after both teams have faced all questions asked, each team will be awarded with one point in group stages and a Super Question will be asked in knockout stage.

In the group stages teams are ranked on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Higher number of points
  2. If equal, highest number of wins
  3. If equal, least number of losses
  4. If equal, the results of head to head meeting
  5. if still equal, most runs scored in total matches


Number of Questions

  • Group Stages: 10 Questions (5 in Powerplay 1, 5 in Powerplay 2)
  • Semi Finals: 12 Questions (6 in Powerplay 1, 6 in Powerplay 2)
  • Finals: 15 Questions (7 in Powerplay 1, 8 in Powerplay 2)




  • Captains have to announce a Vice Captain before the start of every match, and in case of any change in vice captain, captain have to inform the management at any stage of the match.
  • If captain is unavailable for a match then in that case, captain have to inform the management at-least 1 hour before the match along with new captain appointed for that match.
  • During the match if captain is unavailable, Vice Captain can inform umpires and can take the charge.
  • Captain can also give charge to Vice Captain even in his presence during the match.



Powerplay 1 – Details

  • Umpire will ask 5 questions in this Powerplay.
  • Each captain will nominate different player for every question, a player can only be nominated once in this Powerplay
  • If a team is out of active different players then the opposite team would compete in the remaining questions of the Powerplay 1 alone.
  • Questions will be based on T20 Cricket (Domestic + International).

Powerplay 2 – Details

  • Umpire will ask 5 questions in this Powerplay.
  • Only captain or the in-charge captain will answer the questions after consulting with their respective team players in their official chats.
  • The name of the player who answered the question in chat will also be mentioned by captain.
  • If 2 players from same team answered the question then only the answer of in-charge captain would be considered, 2 runs penalty will be awarded to the opposite team in that case.
  • Questions will be based on International Cricket.



  • It will be based on statistics, records occurred after 1 Jan, 1970.
  • Format will be mentioned along with every question.
  • Every question will have one answer.



  • 2 Umpires per Match
  • Umpire will say “Caution” before asking the question and “Freeze” when the time ends.



  • 1 Review per team in a match are allowed, which can be used within 1 minute of “Freeze”.
  • If Review is successful it will be retained.
  • ONLY acting captain can use review, review by any other player wont be considered.
  • If Question is proved wrong, then the Question will be re-bowled despite correct answer claimed by a team
  • If Question is correct but the answer is proved wrong, then the team with correct answer will be awarded runs.
  • In order to prove something wrong, additional 3 minutes will be allotted to the captain who reviewed and umpire both for providing for a source, if only captain fails to prove the question or answer wrong then no change will take place, if only umpire fails to provide a valid source, then the question will be re-bowled. If both fails then again question will be re-bowled.
  • Unauthentic sources like Wikipedia, unverified Twitter accounts, unknown Blogs wont be entertained.



  • If a player from non playing team answers a question, then that player will face 1 match ban
  • If a non nominated player answers a question before “Freeze”, then that player will be muted for 24 hours.
  • Spamming will lead to 24 hours mute
  • Misbehaving with umpire, captain or any other player will lead to 24 hours to 48 hours mute
  • Abusing will lead to ban from GSL & GT



Captains have to appear at the match time sharp, 5 extra minutes will be given to captains after the start of match time. every minute after the 5th Minute will give a Run to opposite team as a reward. Match will be gifted to the opposition after 15 minutes from the initial time if a captain doesn’t show up.

Ideally captains and players must be present at the match thread 10 minutes before the match.



Good Luck all the teams, in case of any amendments in rules, all captains will be informed!

Last Updated 29th January, 2019

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