GT Writing Competition – Round 2

The 2nd round of writing competition happening in Green Team is here. Below is points table along with every participants entry ordered by rank.

Points Table:

Rank Names FHK AVV Saad Average
1 Tuba Abbasi 9.6 8.6 9.3 9.166666667
2 Usama Masud 9 9.8 8.5 9.1
3 Mustafa Aziz 8 9.7 9 8.9
4 Moeed Ahmed Pirzada 8.8 9.1 8.3 8.733333333
5 Adnan Ahsan 9.3 7.4 8.1 8.266666667
6 Anas Imran Chishty 9.7 7.7 7.3 8.233333333


Topic: What makes you a great Sportsman? Is it your skills or any other ability?

Rank 1: Tuba Abbasi

What is the thing which makes a sportsman earn his or her name as a great? Are they just skills or is there something else? Besides skills, there are a few things which result in the formation of a great athlete.

Hard Work

What is always visible in a great athlete is his success only but what we can’t see is his plenty of hours of hard work to achieve his goals. A sportsman spends a lot of time working on his fitness and polishing his skills. They work as much as they can and it is the passion that drives them to do all this hard work for their particular sport.

Pakistan’s former cricket player, Younis Khan was famous for showing up for training first and he used to be the last one to finish his practice and he is considered as one of finest Test cricketers to play the game.


Being focused on one’s goals is a very hard thing to do, there is always something which distracts a person every now and then from attaining their goals. A great sportsman is always determined in achieving his or her goals. No matter what comes in their way, they do not lose hope and they remain focused.

Wilma Rudolph is proof that everything is possible. She was diagnosed with polio but she was focused on achieving her goals that not even polio could stop her. When she was 12, she had overcome polio and took up athletes and eight years later she became an Olympic Champion.


Self-resilience in your abilities. Be confident about yourself that you can do it, you can achieve what you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Kobe Bryant, the basketball player who appears to be the most confident athlete ever to step on a basketball court. He may miss many shots in a row but he will not stop taking another shot, that’s not in his nature. Many criticize him that he is a selfish player but he considers this as a self-confidence act.


Being calm and steady results in triumph. The greats know how to handle pressure in tough situations. They know how to counter pressure situations and overcome them.

Michael Jordan who is referred to as the greatest basketball player of all time. When he reached the NBA finals for the first time he was very nervous and so was his team. He took the game moment by moment and told his teammates that “If you start to think about who is going to win the championship, you’ve lost your focus.” His team went on to win the title.

Being composed, focused, confidence and hard work make a sportsman a great. But this doesn’t mean that skills do not play a role in this process. If an individual is not skillful, what will his dedication, hard work and focus will bring him? Possessing these abilities surely makes an outstanding athlete but also being a skilled individual is really important for a person to become a better sportsman.

Rank 2: Usama Masud

How can one define a sportsman? There are a number of definitions. According to one, “A man who takes part in a sport”, and the other, “A person who behaves sportingly” is a sportsman. Now, for a “Better Sportsman”, both these definitions cannot be defined separately. A person who takes part in a sport and behaves sportingly in it is what makes one a better sportsman.
The most important trait of a sportsman is his ability in the sport. If one lacks the physical ability for a sport, all the passion and the will won’t help. However, what goes in refining the innate ability is of supreme importance. Any person who has made a mark in a sport, did not do it just based on their natural abilities. Michael Phelps is regarded as the greatest swimmer of all time. In an interview, he stated that he practiced swimming 15 hours a day. And that training earned him 23 gold medals at the Olympics, more than twice the next record holder.
Other than the physical abilities, the mental abilities of sportsmen cannot be neglected. The driving force of a sportsman is his mind. This force is propelled by the passion for the game. It is that passion which defines their commitment, their determination and their motivation. The focus on the game, the ability to handle tough situations and the confidence to succeed are the psychological qualities of the great sportsmen. No matter how physically capable one is, if he lacks the passion and the commitment, he cannot excel.
The trait other than abilities is the attitude of a sportsman. The attitude is what defines the personality of the person. If a sportsman has a rude attitude towards a sport, he is not likely to develop a huge fanbase. The attitude both on and off the sport field is important for a sportsman. MS Dhoni has been one of the most successful captains of Indian cricket team. Despite the rivalry and the tension between India and Pakistan, Dhoni is the most loved Indian cricketer in Pakistan. That love does not come from what he has achieved as Indian captain, it comes from his attitude on the field. Other than him, John Cena is among the greatest in ring performers of WWE of all time. Despite his antagonist role in the ring, no one can deny all the charitable work he has done, and hence he is one of the most loved WWE athletes all over the world.
So, a sportsman can be anyone who takes part in a sport, but a better sportsman is one who has the physical and mental ability for the sport and is an ambassador of the sport all over the globe.

Rank 3: Mustafa Aziz

In sports either you are a legend or else you spend your life being a normal sportsperson. A

sportsman is someone who plays a game, someone who increases his physical ability and skills

by doing physical activities, there are a lot of games that we can discuss let’s discuss the most

common i.e. Football and Cricket. To represent a nation in these games one need to be a lethal

athlete, he needs to be the best of the best, take Pakistan as an example to fit into the cricket

team playing you need to better than at least 200million people. But what does it take to be the

best of the best?

In sports you are either extremely talented or either a continuous hard worker, take Lionel

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for example, they have been ruling the sports community for the

last 10-15 years. Lionel Messi on one hand is pure talent he would see things a normal person

would not and Cristiano on the other is pure hard work, but guess what it doesn’t matter

however talented you’re or how many skills you know what differentiates you from others is

the amount of effort you put in to be an achiever, people stop putting in effort very soon, the

best example for that would be Pakistani cricketers Ahmed Shehzad and Umar Akmal both of

them were multi-talented players, they were compared to the likes of Indian skipper Virat Kohli

but what they did was they lost the plot after reaching the top, day by day their game

worsened and they started to stay more in the media rather than staying on the field, MisbahUl-Haqq would be the perfect example to be brought in here, he was no where in the scene, he

was once though to be finished and then he was named the captain of Pakistani cricket team,

he took the responsibility and took Pakistani team for bad times to relatively good times, what

was it that kept him going and going even at the age of 42, it was all hard work. But does it

mean that skills and talent don’t matter and you just need to work hard?

Well, no, not in every case, Some individuals you see in sports world might only comprise of

shear hard work and not much of a talent, but in most cases you’ll see that talent and hard

work both complement each other, you cannot just rely on hard work or just on talent you’ll

need both of them to be the best. The best examples would be Lionel, B Azam, S Afridi, Michael

Jordon, S Tendulkar, Virat Kohli we all know the struggle these people have gone through and

the talent they posses but it would not have been possible without them working hard and

mining the talent they possess.

So Hard work and Talent both need to be mined and polished for one to become the best of the

best sportsperson

Rank 4: Moeed Ahmed Pirzada

Well there are many things which make me a better sportsmen including self-discipline and self-confidence. Self-confidence isn’t just a phrase for cheesy motivational posters, for me to perform high it’s an entire way of life, I believe I can make it to the top step of the podium, even if that self-confidence is sometimes propped up by blood, sweat, tears and a ton of sacrifices. If you have self-control which is usually a sign of inner strength and controls of your actions and reactions.

Self-discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through, without changing your mind. If you are a real sportsmen you will always challenge yourself, an inner desire to succeed drives a sportsmen to his/her best effort each and every time, it takes more than a shiny medal or hefty check to motivate the world’s best sportsmen. No beginning sportsmen is ready for the Olympics, Cricket/Football World Cups, Tennis Championships, the sportsmen who get to the world-class events do so by setting realistic, achievable goals, the ability to set and achieve goals tends to come naturally.

A humble sportsmen neither underestimates nor overestimates his abilities. There is always room for improvements, and that improvements will come only with more training, more coaching and more heart. A sportsmen cannot find himself amongst the best unless he possesses a strong sense of focus. This focus allows the top sportsmen to remain in the moment, regardless of who is in the stands or what occurred that morning. It also means staying focused on achieving each goal as it comes, without ever forgetting the big picture.

I believe that the journey to the top is a long one, but if you’re high-performing sportsmen you should have the unique psychological trait of trusting in the system. They understand that success isn’t going to come without setbacks probably a lot of them. But they also understand that with each setback comes a learning opportunity. The process may be long, but no one becomes the best by taking the shortcut.

Sometimes it’s skill sometimes its ability by that you can compete yourself or achieves that goal which you set to achieve, but you can’t say that both (Skills and any ability) makes an impact worthy because if you’re willing to do something and you makes effort you will get success and you can call it your ability but on the other hand if you have that skill to do that task you don’t need any extra efficient effort your skill make the task easier for you so both have different and worthy impact in the life or career of a sportsmen.

The best sportsmen in the world have faced defeat on the world’s biggest stages, but it’s resiliency that sets the good sportsmen apart from the great ones. As a sportsmen Vulnerability is extremely important, vulnerable sportsmen realize that failure is inevitable, and that they can learn more from that failure that they do success. Each time vulnerable sportsmen falls or loses, or make a game-ending mistake, their resolve to get stronger and better grows. Once you have that courage to make tough, spur-of-the-moment decisions that often mean the difference between winning and losing. To make yourself in a best position you should have an innate sense of aggression and fight, to ensure that they always cross the finish line having given their all.

Elite sportsmen know the importance of sports psychology and having a strong mindset, studying the practice of mental preparation and developing techniques and strategies to improve performances and help them to deal with stress, setbacks and losses. The fact is you can’t become great at anything without training your mind you can’t become a champion without a championship mindset. Optimistic sportsmen work harder than pessimistic sportsmen, they’re more deeply engaged in their work, because they have more positive expectations, they do more work and refuse to quit in order to create a successful outcome. Optimistic sportsmen bounce back quicker from setbacks and injuries, they perform better in high pressure situations and are less likely to panic and choke than pessimistic sportsmen.

Best sportsmen are notorious for being mental tough     . Mental toughness isn’t just about working harder or having a high pain tolerance, it is the ability to remain committed, confident and positive in the face of our toughest challenges and adversities. Great athletes learn to make the best of every opportunity and derive some benefit from every setback, turning obstacles into opportunity and adversity into advantage. Great sportsmen learn to use adversity to fuel their ambition, allowing nothing to discourage them, because each wrong attempt is another step closer towards success. What if the challenge you’re facing could make you stronger than if you’d never faced it at all? What if the obstacle in front of you preventing you from achieving your goals, what if you could use it to become better in some way? Champions learn to turn challenges into chances, so can you.

Rank 5: Adnan Ahsan

A character in one of Shakespeare’s plays once said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Any of these could apply to the modern day sportsman. Since we are only talking about sportsmen so definitely skill is the essential and undeniably the most important thing to get entry into any kind of sports. A skilled person in their respective games can get a place in the country team and then they can show their other abilities apart from gaming skills. Once their skills acknowledged by the public, their off field behavior towards the media or general public make an impact or create image about the specific person.

Explanation for better Sportsmen:

A great sportsmen always show their love for sports, giving 100% efforts even in the minor competition regardless of the result. Great sportsmen inspire its team mates by dedication to keep training hard, lead from the front, show bravery to come back from serious injury.

We can take the example of Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh who fought with the cancer and recovered from it in order to represent his country again. This shows a lot of courage and his love for the game.


Sports-Skill or other ability?

Nowadays most of the sports have huge commercial backing with it so this always depends upon an individual sportsmen which thing they priorities in their lives either they go for only financial gains associated with sports or they prefer to love the games. Of course there is no obligation for the sportsmen to be a good role model. However modern sportsmen are highly followed by children everywhere and these children will grow up admiring their heroes, devoting their lives to copying their every move, watching them, reading about them and wanting above all to be like them. They can teach you how to believe in yourself as well as those on your team. This puts a lot of pressure on them that they will have to take more responsibilities what they do on or off camera in their personal lives. As we often listen ‘’Leaders don’t have their personal lives’’.

Example of a good sportsmen

We can take another example of sportsmen which is Imran Khan. He played cricket with the passion and made a motive to construct the Pakistan first ever cancer hospital. Initially his skills in the cricket made him leader of the team but later part of his life, his other abilities like motivation for mankind or to do something for the poorer people give him an edge than other sportsmen in the world.

Furthermore, Imran Khan became a politician and currently Prime Minister of Pakistan which shows his hard-work, determination and how the struggled in your lives can do wonders. He is the real life example for many of the sportsmen, humanitarians and politicians around the world.

Rank 6: Anas Imran Chishty

An athlete’s success is not just about talent and ability, but how he copes mentally. Combining a good mindset with good practice habits and a healthy lifestyle can help you continue to improve your physical ability and become your very best.


In my point of view, a good athlete must be confident, calm, have self-motivation, desire to succeed, optimistic, willing to fight, willing to take criticism and have self-discipline. We are human beings, we cannot do the given forever. But we must learn to control ourselves. In the given points, two most important points what I believe are ‘willing to take criticism’ and ‘having self-discipline’.


Now, here in Pakistan, we have quite a lot of criticism and discipline problems. Let’s talk about criticism first. When players fails to perform, the media criticizes him. Some can handle criticism well, like former Pakistan captain Misbah ul-Haq, who has been criticized so many times, yet he kept quiet and let his bat do all the talking. Others cannot and can make such statements which leads him to more problems. Here’s an example of Ashok Dinda, former Indian fast bowler. He has been trolled so much for his bowling and his bowling academy. He finally lost his cool and expressed his feelings on internet. When you cannot take criticism well, do you think you will be able to hold yourself well in the end?


Then comes discipline. Having discipline is very important. Keeping ourselves to calm and well manner position can also label you a better sportsman. No matter how good you are in playing, not having discipline can lead up to problems in both on-field and off-field. Kevin Pieterson was axed from squad after his discipline issues, despite being one of England’s best players in modern era. Such action must be taken.


Another important thing for being a good athlete is how you cope yourself mentally. Last week, I read an article on ESPNcricinfo written by Paddy Upton on “What do we mean when we say a cricketer is mentally tough?”. Paddy talk about how the players, who are labeled ‘weak’ or ‘soft’, hides their insecurities or doubts and that they try to protect themselves from public perceptions. In one part, he says;

“We’re often told to ‘face your fear’, to embrace it rather than run or hide from it. It turns out, we might also benefit from facing and experiencing negative emotions.”


He gives former Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir that how he was so riddled with insecurities and doubts. He was one of the most negative people he have ever worked with. If you be like Gambhir, do you really believe you can be successful?


Athletes should also keep themselves physically fit. They should keep a good health, have proper nutrition and get enough sleep. They should also keep a good relationship with both his coach and teammates and learns to improve his weakness.


These are the qualities I believe are important to be a good athlete.




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