GT Writing Competition – FINAL ROUND

The results for round 3 of GT Writing Competition are in. Below is points table along with every participants entry ordered by rank.

Congratulations MUSTAFA AZIZ

Points Table:

Rank Names FHK AVV Saad Average
1 Mustafa Aziz 9.1 9.4 9.3 9.267
2 Usama Masud 8.7 9.2 8.8 8.9
3 Moeed Ahmed Pirzada 8.7 8.9 8.8 8.8
4 Tuba Abbasi 8 8.3 8 8.1


Topic: What is the importance of technology in modern day sports?

Rank 1: Mustafa Aziz

In simple language technology is defined as the implementation of scientific knowledge in our daily life practical operations, sports on the other hand is physical exertion and the use of skill to compete. In modern day sports technology has made a lot of advancements in the sports industry, there are a lot of things that are now dependent on the use of technology which we don’t see while we watch a game live but there is a lot of stuff going on in the back end which most of the fans are not aware of. In recent times we have seen VAR and Goal line technology being used in football, DRS, Snick-o, Hotspot in cricket, Hawk-eye in field hockey, the use of these technological tools has helped all these sports to prosper in their respective fields an promoted fair-play. 21st century has been absolute madness in terms of technological features we have developed the above-mentioned tools although are main tools but let’s discuss some stuff that goes unnoticed. Graphics, for instance have gained a lot of popularity in all sorts of sports from Olympics to World Cups we see a world which is heavily reliant on graphics, the better the graphics the more it attracts the audience, how can we forget the digital advertisements that have taken the sponsorships to a whole new level. In today’s era if you say that you will not use technological equipment of any sorts and conduct a major tournament then my friend you  ought to fail as for a tournament to be a success and a major impact maker you need to take the help of technology.

Now let’s take a bit about the tech-gears that sportsmen use in their daily life, from bands that can tell your health condition to jerseys that are made to keep the heat out and enhance a players performance are no lie, and are now possible by the use of technological techniques that produce fabrics that can withstand the certain required qualities. Similarly, we saw a band named CricFlex that was made by a group of students from Pakistan which could detect your bowling arm angle, it was cheap as well as practical, these practical examples show us how good a role technology can and does play in making sports better worldwide.

Talking about cricket and football in particular, these games being two of the most loved throughout the world have incorporated technology in them as an essential part of the game, you might not watch a football or even a cricket game without a replay or even without the use of TV Umpires, the football ball is custom made so as to help the referee decide whether the ball has gone out of play or not. We saw in Pakistan vs England ODI series which happened in 2016 that ‘pager’ watches were used to detect no-balls; this technology can be further enhanced to reduce human errors as much as possible.

There is no doubt that technology has played an important role in the development of sports in the last few decades, although technology brings in ease it can also be harmful in the terms that a single malfunction can be the cause of change in the result output of the game so as we increase the use of technology in our daily life sports we also need to enhance the training capability of our technical team to avoid any malfunctions that may cause a serious issue.

Rank 2: Usama Masud

Can you go back to a time when the television was not invented and no sports were broadcasted? Or a time when there was no replay system? It is hard to imagine sports without these technologies. Over the years, technology has been integrated in sports in every way possible. It has improved the coverage of the sports, the equipment used in the sports, the fitness level of athletes and has made sports fairer.

The most important change that the technology has brought is the coverage of sports. Go back a few years, when sports were all but limited to the field of play. You had to be in the stadium to watch a game. Then came the radio coverage, one could at least listen to the game if not watch it. But that all changed with television. Over the years the quality of cameras and TVs that broadcast these games has improved so much, that with a normal TV set, everyone can enjoy the game while still laying back in their couch.

That is not the end of it. With the advancement of social-media and other internet mediums, no one can miss any moment of the sport, even when one’s travelling or cannot watch TV due to some reason. These mediums do not just broadcast the sport, but also provide an in-depth analysis of it for fans to have a better understanding of everything going on in the field. Sites such as ESPN cover all the sports in the world, including major and minor events. So, the coverage of sports has become so broad, it has made sports a part of our daily lives.

The fans and athletes both like the sport to be fair so that only the deserving may win. This has been made possible through some of the technologies. The decision that are made on the field are a lot more accurate now than they were a few years back, because of the latest technology. The most important aspect in this regard is the instant replay system. This almost ensures that any unfair decision can be challenged and later overturned in case of a wrong call.

Take cricket for an example. Imagine having a chance at playing cricket world cup final, only to be interrupted be rain and later ruined by a poor DLS system. This happed with South Africa in the 1992 cricket world cup semifinal, the equation was changed from 22 runs off 13 balls to 22 runs off 1 ball due to the DLS system at the time. The advent in technology has made sure that no such unfair decisions are made on the field. Technology such as ball-tracking, hotspot, snicko and others have helped to make better decisions on the field. While others such as speed-guns, pitch-maps, wagon-wheels, LED stumps have made the game more innovative and modern.

Another thing which is worth mentioning here is how technology has helped improve fitness level of athletes. The injuries that are sustained on the field have been controlled significantly due to the latest technology. Equipment such as helmet, mouth-pieces, pads and shoes help to avoid injuries. Injury detecting sensors are used to monitor an athlete’s performance during the training session. This helps the medical team to detect an injury early and treat it as required.

So, technology has helped improve sports in many different ways. There is no denying the significance of technology in modern sports. It is probably as important as the athletes playing the sport. Without it, the modern sport is subjected to lose its identity.

Rank 3: Moeed Ahmed Pirzada

From early on sports has always been very important to humans. You can enjoy it either by playing or watching it and now it is quite obvious fact that technology has a major impact on modern day sports, have you ever noticed that records in sports are always broken? We think some records will never break, but eventually they are broken. For example: 100 or more years back the fastest man in the world at that time, Donald Lippincott ran 100 meter race in 10.6 seconds. In the present era the record is held by, Usain Bolt and he clocked in at 9.58 seconds. That is literally a second faster and for those of you know speed related sport, 1 second is a lot of time.

This is possible because of one reason and that is advancement in sport technology. The hoses are better, the clothing is more aero-dynamic and the training methods have changed, the body supplements have improved and almost every single aspect of the athlete and the paraphernalia around the athlete is different. Recent developments in sporting technologies have created a variety of products aimed at improving and increasing athlete performance. The health and well-being of performers can be maintained and observed, and injuries treated, through the production of technologies such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and body-fat monitors. Modern sporting technologies have also made officiating easier and more accurate, and spectator interest and excitement is enhanced by broadcasting and in-stadium displays or scoreboards.

Technologies such as smart equipment can be used to measure performance, these include devices used for exercises stress testing and cardiovascular assessment, human reaction time and frequency of movements meters. More modern technologies such as motion capture analysis are also used to analyze performance. This involves digitally recording on cameras, the movement of athlete during sporting activities which can then be used for evaluation by performer and/or their coach or for enhanced spectator entertainment.

For example: One of the famous technology “Hawk-Eye” was introduced in Cricket in early 2000, originally it was only for the benefit of the TV audience as it could track the trajectory of the balls in flight. But from past 10 or more years it has been used for referring decisions to the third umpire if a team disagreed with a decision. Similarly technologies are now in use to help officials make the correct calls in tennis. In Football, goal-line technology has recently been introduced to give a clear indication to the referee as to whether the ball has crossed the line or not.

There are some advantages of technologies for spectators, athletes and coaches and drawbacks as well.

Advantages for Spectators:

–             It increased experience at home through use of more cameras/player cam, all-weather surfaces improved skill, truer bounce, multiple fixtures.

–             On screen information/interaction e.g. shots on target.

Advantages for Athletes:

–             Increased knowledge of diet , supplementation, faster rehabilitation, improved analysis of performance e.g. match analysis, GPS data.

–             Equipment designed for individual needs.

–             Advances in stress management techniques.

Advantages for Coaches:

–             Video analysis of matched to highlight strengths/weaknesses, techniques and tactics/strategies.

–             Specific/detailed recording of performances/split times.

Drawbacks of technologies:

–             From bladed boots, use of Rugby shoulder pads, players bigger, fitter and more powerful could lead to increased injury or violence/shorter careers.

–             Can disrupt or slow down ‘game’.

–             Reduces traditional ethic or nature of sport can lead to ‘win at all costs’ ethic.

Technology not equally available to all such as high tech bikes, I think that up to a certain point technology help to keep the game fair, but when it comes to the equipment the importance of technology should be limited.

Rank 4: Tuba Abbasi

Technology has had a great impact on our lifestyles. Humans have
somehow become dependent on it. Technology has helped every
industry of this society to grow and has extended the roots of fields
such as medical, government, business, education, and sports.
Over the past few years, technology has developed the field of sports in
many ways, the impact has been gigantic and the result has been
tremendous and it has been an important aspect in sports.

Digital coverage of matches
Different games are being telecasted live through online platforms. Live
scores on websites such as ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, and many
others are also keeping the fans updated about a particular fixture. This
feature has benefitted the people who are at the workplace or sports-
loving students who cannot sit back and watch their favorite sport due
to the tough schedule of studies.

Regulation and Rules
Technology has provided an error-free method for the umpires and the
referees. In basketball, referees make sure that the players are
shooting within the time given to them through the video replay
systems, in cricket, there is a third umpire who sits off the ground and
helps the on-field umpires through a TV replay to announce a just
decision in many cases such as a disputed run out or a boundary. The
third umpire advises the on-field umpires through a wireless
communication device. In football, the referees make use of technology
to decide the off-sides decisions, a ball passes over a goal line and
explains penalty decisions also.
In the final of the Champions Trophy 2017, Fakhar Zaman was declared
out on Jasprit Bumrah’s ball but when the third umpire checked his
front foot, his foot was over the line and that meant it was a no ball and

the decision was reversed as not out. In this instance technology in
sports proved to be important and a fair decision was made.
Hawk-eye Technology
It is a computer and camera system which traces a ball’s trail. Almost
every other sport is using this technology internationally these days
including cricket, tennis, football, etc. This system is based on many
video cameras having high speed placed at different positions and
angles around the stadium. Hawk-eye technology was also used by the
rugby officials during the rugby world cup in 2015, the main cause to
use this system was to make just decisions, in this manner this
technology was used as a review system rather than a ball tracking

Fitness Tests
Numerous software has been developed for fitness specialists to keep
track of the player fitness and nutrition. A software known as beep test
keeps track of the players and it directly saves the results of the fitness
test on the computer.
Hakan Mild was a Swedish football player who represented IFK
Göteborg. He is said to have the highest score in a beep test having
scored 19/2.

Technology has entirely changed equipment in sports. Gloves, pads,
helmets, shoes, and uniforms have fully developed, these are designed
under high-tech and high-functioning. In cricket, the LED bails are now
being used, adding more charm to the sport.

Eye Catching for Viewers

The impact of technology has made the field of sports more appealing
for the spectators. Scoreboards are now much advanced in the
stadiums, the graphics used these days are more innovative and
attracting. Various companies are working on providing eye-catching
graphics for innumerable sports events.

Technology is modernizing the field of sports and has been impactful in
the advancement of sports. It is evident that technology has been
greatly important for sports as it has totally changed the face of sports.






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