Green Team Group

Green Team Group

Uniting Sports Enthusiasts

Green Team, one of the leading sports online network in Pakistan launched its official group on 10th July, 2014. It unites sports enthusiasts from all over the world; moreover, Green Team encourages discussions, analysis and participation of members in various quizzes, contests, online leagues and much more in a healthy and civilised environment. If you want to become part of this ever green family then dont forget to send a request

 About the Group Administration:

Group Owner: Hassan Ahmed & Shahzaib Bhutto


  1. Faizan Hayat Khan (Since August 13, 2014)
  2. Saad Ishtiaq Satti (Since December 3, 2015)
  3. Samiya Rafique (Since February 17, 2016)
  4. Malliha M Zahid (Since February 17, 2016)
  5. Mohammad Ali (Since May 23, 2016)
  6. Adnan Ellahi (Since September 2, 2016)
  7. Syeda Munazza Rehman (Since January 9, 2017)
  8. Arham Ahmed (Since January 21, 2017)
  9. Anees ur Rehman (Since April 27, 2017)
  10. Javed Iqbal (Since April 27, 2017)
  11. Dua Ahmed (Since August 30, 2017)
  12. Abeer Ullah (Since January 4, 2018)
  13. Sohail Salam (Since February 18, 2018)


Green Team Group Rules:

  1. The Word “Hater(s)” is Banned as it puts the block on any chance of a Healthy discussion among the group members. Green Team is a sports group so please refrain from posting anything else than sports like politics and religion; moreover, advertisement and promotion for free is not allowed and mentions of other groups is also not allowed.
  2. All repeated posts will be removed which occurred within 24 hours. The same member posting about a news with minor differences will be warned. This is to ensure quality of the posts on the group.
  3. Too much criticism or harsh words will not be tolerated especially against Pakistan; however, you can share your opinion with decent words and in a respectable manner with proper statistics to proof your point. Personal attacks on any member will not be tolerated at all.
  4. Trolling is allowed to an extent where a player is not offended or disrespected. Trolling should be done for fun, not to disrespect anyone. Lame posts which are not related to cricket will be removed as well.
  5. Abuse is a big sin in GT, Abusing a player, admin or a member will lead to a minimum 1 month ban.
  6. A Member will be kicked from the group in case of spamming promotion or inappropriate behaviour.
  7. Group Posts will be set on approval during important matches and occasions to maintain the quality of the group and to encourage healthy discussions on match threads which will be provided by the admins for every International match, PSL and various leagues.
  8. Posting screenshot of other group members without their permission is not allowed; however, threads will be provided during big events.
  9. The administrators at Green Team are here to assist you with the enjoyment of this group. In case you need to converse about anything, please send a message to any of the admin.

Thank You, we hope you will enjoy your time at Green Team.

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