After ICC’s World XI Another World XI Is Coming To Pakistan.

After ICC’s World XI another World XI is coming to Pakistan

The Pakistan Hockey Federation has gotten the country’s hockey community bustling with the news that a World XI team will be touring Pakistan from January 10. Former Olympians has addressed this initiative as something valuable for Pakistan Hockey.

PHF president Brig. Khalid Sajjad Khokhar voiced a media conference in Islamabad that the government has given sanction for the World XI tour, which also has the support of the International Hockey Federation (IHF).

The dates and venues for this tour are yet to be announced. PHF president says that the PHF has now got to look for sponsors for the World XI tour.

“We are trying to hold matches in Karachi as well but the final venues will be decided later,” he said.

The commander exposed the upkeep of the army, the interior ministry and the provincial governments for the Hockey World XI Tour of Pakistan.

“The situation is gradually changing and we are confident that after the World XI tours Pakistan, it will also pave the way open for foreign players to take part in our hockey league that we plan to launch sometime in 2018,” he said.

He also said that Indian Hockey has become a high profile hockey nation after accommodating numerous FIH events. While Pakistan is dispossessed of hosting such events due to sanctuary alarms.

Veteran Rehan Butt, who has seen hockey change in front of his eyes, also praised the initiative. “They have been trying to hold these matches for a while now but something or the other stopped them every time,” he said. “Pakistan haven’t done well in recent tours so they are under the cost right now. They are trying their best to revive hockey and that is great news for the country.”

This is undeniably a great step in bringing back global hockey to Pakistan and it will also help us in the enlargement of our Hockey.

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