These Mic Conversation of Sarfraz Ahmed with players are breaking the internet

Sarfraz Ahmed who has been captaining Pakistan now for almost a year has proved himself as a leader. The Champions Trophy triumph in June the last year, was something precious he gave the nation and they will cherish it for their lives.

In this series, Sarfraz was very patient and sometimes aggressive in the situations which the team faced. He handled the pressure and tried his best to bounce back. He is known for his aggressive attitude on the field and the players don’t have any issue with his behavior.

Yes, he rightly criticizes them when they don’t play up to the mark and he also applause the players when they do well.

Let’s take a look at few of Sarfraz’s videos;

1. Hilarious Mic Conversation between Sarfraz and Shadab

Nahi beta Shadab udhar ku jaraha hai, Idhar rakh Idhar rakh mere jaan ?

2. A Little clash between Hasan Ali & Sarfraz Ahmed

Wheeler hit’s Hasan Ali for a four and Sarfraz was like, “Kaisi bowling kar raha hai Hasan” 🙁 On the next ball Hasan bowled him out and Sarfraz was shocked 😛 

3. That ‘Aby Ball Ly’ conversation between Amir & Sarfraz

Amir to Sarfraz, “Out ho gaya hai, snick huwa hai” while

“Sarfraz shouting at Amir, “Ball Ly, Ball Ly, Abay Ball Ly” ?

4. Sarfraz and English is a better love story then Twilight

“I’m not talking to to you ok” Kon kehta hai sarfraz ko english nahi aati, Have a look at given video ?

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