WATCH: Salman Iqbal”s funny conversation with Zainab Abbas

Salman Iqbal is one of the Pakistan’s most successful entrepreneur, he founded a media group ARY Digital under the name of his uncle’s most successful business empire ARY Group.

Salman Iqbal is the owner of Karachi Kings in Pakistan Super League with ARY Media Group as the main sponsor of Karachi Kings for the 2017 season of PSL.

Salman Iqbal owns a PSL Team, Karachi Kings. ARY Group bought Karachi Kings as a result of auctions in 2015 for $26 million and 10 years of contract, Kings were the most expensive franchise of the inaugural PSL in 2016.

However, in 2017, new franchise Multan Sultans replaced Karachi Kings as the most expensive team in PSL history after the team was sold for US$41.6 million for an eight year agreement.

In the latest episode of Voice of Cricket, Karachi Kings’ owner Salman Iqbal joins Zainab Abbas and talks about the upcoming PSL draft, talent hunt programs, Karachi Kings, his wish to become Javaid Miandad for a day and much more!

In the show, while talking about Karachi Kings initiative program ‘Khiladi Ki Khoj”, Salman Iqbal said that the major problem in Pakistan is to decide which player we should pick and which player we should drop because there is so much talent in Pakistan.

He said that Karachi Kings program was the first talent hunt program in Pakistan’s cricket history which went in rural areas, In the past no one has gone ahead of Hyderabad.

While talking about Karachi Kings performance he said that, we are improving year by year. In second edition of PSL we were at 4th spot and last year we came at 3rd spot so we’re expecting to play the final this year because we have a good team this year and the final of PSL-4 will be played in Karachi so that would be a great thing.

While talking about Mohammad Amir he said that, “Mohammad Amir is one of the best bowler we have in Pakistan”. In every players career there came a bad patch and Amir is going through that bad patch but whenever a player came back from that bad patch his performance always overcome.

While talking about Captain of Karachi Kings he said that, Imad will be their captain for 4th edition of Pakistan Super League 4.

In the show he was asked that why Mickey Arthur was angry on Sohail Khan during a match of PSL so in reply to this he revealed that at that time captain was asking him to bowl between the legs but Sohail thought that he will get a wicket by bowling short pitch deliveries which went wrong so Mickey got angry on him.

In the show a unique Q/A session with the name of ‘Power Play’ was done and here’s why Zainab asked and Salman replied.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you prefer to be with? Javed Afridi or Fawad Rana, asked Zainab.

“None of them, i would love to be alone”, Salman Iqbal replied.

If you had to pick one cricketer from the past in your team, who would it be, Zainab asked?

That would be Imran Khan, Salman Iqbal answered.

If yo got a chance to be some other cricketer for one day, who would you want to be; Zainab asked?

I would love to be Javed Miandad, I’m a great fan of him, said Salman Iqbal.

A lot of more question were asked by Zainab. Watch what Salman Iqbal answered;

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