ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Results

ICC Champions Trophy-2017 Statistical Analysis
Most Runs: 1 Shikhar Dhawan  India 338 2 Rohit Sharma India 304 3 Tamim Iqbal Bangladesh 293 4 Virat Kohli
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It was all about belief, nerves and passion!
“In the air… gone… not that important he’s gone the next ball! Pakistan cricket at its best! One minute down,
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The Champions Trophy 2017 Journey of the Unpredictables
It will be not wrong to say that the world knows Pakistan team as the term unpredictables because they can win
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Came and Conquered, created a history
Tum surkhuoo hogei, Tum jo karou hosla! Jeetougei tum sada, Hai yeh apni Dua!! It was a dream final for
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