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ICC approves harsher penalties for ball-tampering

DUBLIN: The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday brought in tougher Code of Sanctions for ball tempering and personal abuse by making it a Level three and Level two offence respectively.

The maximum sanction for a Level 3 offence has been increased from 8 suspension points to 12 suspension points (equivalent to 6 Test matches or 12 ODIs) on changing the condition of the ball.

The ICC has sanctioned Level two offence on the use of personal abuse during the match and have included ‘Attempt to gain and unfair advantage (cheating, other than ball-tampering) as a Level three offence.

“Match referees will now hear Level 1, 2 and 3 charges with a Judicial Commissioner only hearing Level 4 charges and appeals,” said the ICC media release.

In the meeting, the body also reviewed challanges to cricket from the t20 leagues, however, any final decision on the inclusion of players in the league will be taken in its session in October.

World Test Championship

The playing conditions for the World Test Championship were approved by the Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC). This includes the points structure which was recommended by the ICC Cricket Committee and the provision of a reserve day to enable any time lost through bad weather to be made up for the final. The full playing conditions will be drafted over the coming weeks and published in due course.

The CEC also confirmed that whilst all World Test Championship games must be 5-day Test matches, four day Tests can continue to be played by Members.

2018 Women’s T20 Asia Cup

In light of the recent decision to award international status to all women’s T20 matches played between ICC Members after 1 July 2018, to retrospectively grant all matches at the recent Women’s T20 Asia Cup T20I status.

All Member men’s senior teams will be awarded T20I status on 1 January 2019 following the cut-off point for qualification to the ICC World T20 2020.

Rankings for women and men will be introduced in October 2018 and May 2019 respectively as part of the ICC’s commitment to growing the game through its shortest format.

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