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‘In or Out?’: ICC rules on amateur tennis-ball cricket match via Twitter

A ruling on a video titled “In or Out” posted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on social media caught cricket fans by surprise on Tuesday.

“A fan named Hamza sent this video to us this morning asking for a ruling,” the ICC said on its Facebook and Twitter pages, sharing the video clip of an amateur cricket game showing the ball returning to hit the wickets from under the batsman’s legs after he played a shot.

Here’s the video:

“Unfortunately for the (very unlucky) batsman, law 32.1 confirmed this is…. out!” the ICC ruled, confirming the on-field decision which had been enforced despite protests by the unlucky striker.

“The striker is out bowled if his wicket is put down by a ball delivered by the bowler, not being a no ball, even if it first touches the striker’s bat or person,” law 32.1 of the ICC’s playing conditions reads.

The post generated hundreds of comments and Twitter replies within minutes of being posted, with most commenting on the bad luck of the batsman. Some, however, felt nostalgic while watching the video and reminisced about their days of playing cricket on the streets and their villages.

Others, a small minority, disagreed with the ruling of cricket’s governing body.

Many believed that the video was shot in Pakistan; however, there was disagreement over whether it was from the mountainous north or the plains of Sindh.

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