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The World XI is a few months Away from visiting Pakistan

Ever since that drastic attack in 2009 on the Sri Lankans in Lahore, every International Team would have second thoughts or straight away refuse to play cricket in Pakistan due to the safety concern of the players but as time passed by things started to change, the security level increased and PCB took the opportunity to invite an international team Zimbabwe for a tour who did take time to decide but agreed to visit the country. as everyone hoped the series turned out to be a huge success and the foreign players were pleased with the security and hospitality given by the hosts.

Then came the PSL Final held in Lahore which again had seen popular faces like Darren Sammy, Marlon Samuels, Viv Richards be a part of the event and they absolutely loved the atmosphere along with that the safety level aswell which grabbed the attention of The International Cricket Council.

The Gaddafi Stadium Lahore is once again all set to be filled up really soon to host a 4 match T20 series which will include a Pakistani XI vs a World Xi as the ICC was quite impressed with the arrangements while observing the recent events held in Pakistan. The XI will be including Players from Australia, South Africa, England and other Countries aswell. This indeed is very good for the Nation as the doors to international cricket in Pakistan will reopen and more teams will travel frequently to play few games of Cricket looking at the amount of events Pakistan has hosted successfully so far.

This News has made many Fans in the country very happy and they should be as they were eagerly waiting to see a series involving cricketers from all around the world in Pakistan, there’s no doubt the people will be out in huge numbers to watch this series containing foriegn players and unfortunately because the fans don’t get to see it often at their home.

No major country has played a series ever since that attack, but this series between World Xi and Pakistan Xi is certainly a great effort by the ICC to promote Cricket in Pakistan and help bring back International matches not only in Lahore but all over the country.

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