ICC isn’t in a position to ask other boards to cut-off ties with Pakistan – BCCI Official

The International Cricket Council will clear India’s “doubts” about security at the upcoming World Cup, but the sport’s governing body is unlikely to even discuss a possible boycott of Pakistan when its Chief Executives Committee meets in Dubai on Wednesday.

One of the BCCI officials revealed that the England and Wales Cricket Board will provide the maximum security for the game between India and Pakistan. He also highlighted the fact that England has always served the visiting teams in a great way.

”The ICC will provide all the details of the security arrangements made for the World Cup. It will be same for all the participating nations and England and Wales Cricket Board have always provided top-notch arrangements. But since there has been an apprehension, the doubts will be cleared,” a senior BCCI official privy to the ICC’s functioning said.

Cries of no cricketing ties with Pakistan has been growing with every passing second, which has put dark clouds over the fixture between the two countries in the upcoming World Cup.

Recently, the Chairman of Committee of Administrators Vinod Rai quoted that they are looking to make Pakistan isolated in the International cricket. Regarding the same, they wanted the other boards in the International cricket to cut off their ties with Pakistan.

The BCCI, in its email to ICC officials, urged “the cricket community to sever ties with countries from which terrorism emanates”.

ICC doesn’t have the right to do this;

ICC is in no position to ask any other to sever their links with Pakistan. He added that ICC doesn’t have the right to ask any particular body. However, he felt that all the other bodies can unite, said a BCCI official.

“The ICC is in no position to ask any cricket board to sever ties with another member nation. It doesn’t have the right to do so. This is a diplomatic issue which is dealt with at the government level. A member board can always discuss the issue if they want but one can be rest assured that nothing will happen,” said the official as per Times Now.

Pakistan Cricket Board responds;

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) remains unfazed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) latest attempt to turn the International Cricket Council (ICC) and other cricketing nations against Pakistan.

Responding to the contents of Johri’s email, a source within the PCB told DawnNewsTV said that the board remains unperturbed as the BCCI has written to the ICC without any evidence.

“The Indian board’s claim and email will not make any difference,” the source said.

The BCCI is just one of 15 members on the ICC’s executive board. It alone cannot do anything. An allegation without any evidence is insignificant.

“India will face embarrassment in the ICC, just like it did in the shooting world cup.”


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