What will happen if India will Boycott World Cup Match against Pakistan?

Cries of no cricketing ties with Pakistan has been growing with every passing second, which put dark clouds over the fixture between the two countries in the upcoming World Cup.

Earlier, IndiaTV claimed that BCCI has asked ICC to oust Pakistan from 2019 World Cup, claimed IndiaTV.

Stepping up the offensive against Pakistan, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has written a letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC), asking it to oust Pakistan from the upcoming 2019 Cricket World Cup in England and Wales, claimed IndiaTV.

According to IndiaTV, BCCI has sent an email to the ICC, requesting to remove Pakistan from the World Cup. The BCCI has categorically stated in its letter that the mood in the nation is against playing Pakistan, claimed IndiaTV.

But responding on this issue, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has said there is no way Pakistan can be banned from the upcoming World Cup in UK which will begin in May 2019.

The statement from the BCCI came as calls in India from former cricketers and fans intensified after New Delhi without any proof blamed Pakistan for the Pulwama attack in occupied Kashmir in which 44 Indian soldiers were killed.

A BCCI official told Indian media that the board and Committee of Administrators had not prepared any note seeking a ban on Pakistan at the upcoming World Cup, adding that even if it did the International Cricket Council (ICC) was bound to reject it.

“There is absolutely no constitutional or contractual way this could happen. The ICC constitution allows members the right to participate in ICC events as long as they’ve qualified,” the BCCI official further said.

According to Article 2.3 (H) of the ICC’s constitution, each member subject to meeting any relevant qualification criteria can participate in cricket events organised and sanction by the ICC.

What will happen if BCCI will Boycott the match??

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) can be banned if India boycott World Cup match against Pakistan, scheduled in June this year, Indian media reported.

Indian TV channel NDTV quoted sources as saying the government has advised against any hurried decision to boycott India s World Cup 2019 match with Pakistan as a reaction to the Pulwama attack.

The government sources said that could act against India. “We should not get isolated in order to isolate Pakistan,” the sources told the channel.

“By not playing against Pakistan, we will be giving them a walk-over,” they said, referring to the two points India will lose if they don t field a team for the match. “Punitive action can be taken against us,” the sources further added.

“ICC can even impose ban on BCCI.

“There is still lot of time. We should not react in hurry,” they further added.

Earlier, Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh called for India to boycott their World Cup game against Pakistan in June in protest at Pulwama attack.

Singh said: “There is no need for any relations with Pakistan, let alone cricket.”

“Don´t play the World Cup match with Pakistan on June 16 — country comes first for all of us and we are all standing with our forces,” he added.

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