Joe Root: If the game is compromised, then it shall not be played

Joe Root: If the game is compromised, then it shall not be played

Coronavirus has brought the whole world to a standstill. Where all other activities including businesses, economies, education, have got interrupted, sports scenarios have equally been disturbed. Cricket is one of the major sports that is facing a halt in its way.

Where cricket has got disturbed in all other countries, England is going through a similar case as well. Recently, the England Cricket Board held a meeting in which they marked a full stop in front of the professional cricket for the next seven weeks. As a consequence of the meeting, the England and Wales Cricket Board decided that there will be no cricket before 28th May. Opined, circumstances ahead 28th May don’t look good as well.

Joe Root, England’s skipper, thinks that it is way better not to organize cricket rather than compromising on it. A true cricket freak and a player can feel how it feels to stay restricted and play behind the closed doors with no audience. Cricket goes in the flow when the chants of the spectators rise in the grounds.

England’s skipper thinks, well-being and health of the players are most necessary things and he doesn’t see any cricket this summers although there were contingency plans to drag the game ahead by possible means.

“I think if the game is compromised then it shouldn’t be going ahead. I don’t think the game itself, how it’s played, the intensity it’s played at… I personally feel that if you can’t play Test cricket at its absolute best, then we shouldn’t be playing it because it’s not a fair reflection on the sport.”

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