The unbelievable retirement at the age of 85

CECIL WRIGHT: At an age where players retire from Test cricket in their 20s and early 30s, West Indies’ Cecil Wright has finally announced his retirement from all forms of the game at the ripe old age of 85. Wright, who made his first-class debut for Jamaica, played his first match against a Barbados side which had Windies legends Wes Hall and Sir Garfield Sobers among their ranks.

While his name will never be taken alongside the legendary players like Viv Richards and Joel Garner but in longevity, it is the other way round. The 85-year-old also claims to have played over two million games taking over 7,000 wickets in professional cricket. The Jamaican launched his career as a professional in the Central Lancashire League for Crompton.

After three years he decided to stay on in England and settled down after meeting his future wife Enid, then having a son. Wright’s longest purple patch span five seasons where he ended up taking 538 wickets in five seasons with an astounding average of a wicket in every 27 balls. “Pretty good going,” said cricket Bible Wisden, referring to Wright’s stamina. “I wish I knew the reason for my longevity, but I couldn’t tell you what it is,” he told The Daily Mirror. Revealing the secret to his long career, Wright said, “To be honest, I eat anything that’s going but I don’t drink much, just the odd beer.”


Written by: Aqil & Jamal

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