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The Match for Africa 4 raised $2 Million

Last evening, Roger Federer won in Doubles and Singles both, and raised over 2 million dollars for his foundation. The series of matches has been organised to raise money for charity. It was the 4th match of the series. Last match was played between Roger Federer and the finalist of Qatar Open Andy Murray. Through this match, RF foundation raised about 1.4 million Dollars.

For this exhibition match, Roger Federer paired with Microsoft founder Bill Gates in Doubles and defeated former American Tennis player John Isner and guitarist Mike McCready.

Bill Gates said in an interview that,

“Roger is a gentleman. He let me take all the balls.”

The RF foundation’s goal is to support one million children in receiving access to education of a convincing equality. 277,000 children are currently benefiting from the foundation. Roger Federer is definitely making an effort to make the world a more better place.

The Match for Africa 4 raised $2 Million
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