Athletes who have glorified the name of Pakistan on international stages!

While Media will keep showing us the dark side of things, Here are some athletes who held Pakistan’s flag high but never got the attention or praises they deserve!


Wont be wrong to call Shah as ‘THE CELEBRATED SON OF A FORGOTTEN CHAMPION’ Shah is the son of former Pakistani Olympic boxer, Hussain Shah, who won the country’s first Olympic boxing medal, a bronze at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea… Shah himself is a Pakistani Judoka. He competes in the 100kg division. Recently Shah refused Japan’s nationality just so that he can continue to play for PAKISTAN

Shah won a bronze at the Asian Judo Championships. He has also participated in the SAF Games. At the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow he was beaten in the finals of the -100 kg division. SHAH represented Pakistan in Olympics 2016 but sadly couldn’t win any medal for PAKISTAN

Here is SHAH’s exclusive interview from RIO..


GREEN TEAM: Why didn’t you prefer boxing over judo? Your father was a very successful boxer, did you want to be a boxer like him?

SHAH HUSSAIN: I really wanted to be a boxer but Judo is the national game of Japan, very famous here. The training center was near my home this is why I started Judo. And my mom didn’t want to me to be a boxer she was scared as boxing is more dangerous.


GREEN TEAM: You refused Japan’s nationality for Pak and now cannot even bear Pakistan’s flag. How are you feeling? Any regrets?

SHAH HUSSAIN: No regrets! The basic purpose to refuse the nationality was to represent Pakistan. I want to fight for Pakistan, whoever bears the flag, its ok with me. All I want to do is fight for Pakistan and I’m ready for that…


GREEN TEAM: You made it to the Olympics, How are you feeling?

 SHAH HUSSAIN: I cannot even describe how happy I am. I’m feeling so proud that I’m on the same stage where once my father was. He represented Pakistan in the Olympics and now I’m representing Pakistan in the Olympics. As a son I’m feeling proud of myself.


GREEN TEAM: Have you heard of ‘cricket’? Have you ever watched cricket or do you have any favorite player?

 SHAH HUSSAIN: hahaha I dont even know the rules of cricket. I have never watched cricket. Baseball is more famous in Japan but if I ever tell any of my Pakistani friend or cousin that I don’t know what cricket is they reply saying ‘Then you are not a pakistani’ haha but I know about Imran Khan I have heard about him from my father.


GREEN TEAM: Have you ever celebrated independence day in Japan? If yes then how?

SHAH HUSSAIN: Pakistan embassy in Tokyo invites me on every independence day. They organize a surprise function for me. After the commonwealth games they gave me an amazing surprise which I cannot forget.


GREEN TEAM: What are your favorite memories of Pakistan?

SHAH HUSSAIN: My nani lives in Liyari, karachi. Whenever I come to Pakistan I live there.. I meet my cousins there. My nani gets very excited whenever I come to Pakistan so yes living in Liyari with family is my favorite memory. 


GREEN TEAM: Shah any message for your fans in Pakistan?

SHAH HUSSAIN: Yes. When I came here for Olympics I didn’t know that much Pakistanis know about me. I saw many posts on facebook, personal messages on my phone, different newspapers writing articles on me, trust me this makes me so happy! ‘SHUKRIYA PAKISTAN’ People of Pakistan are my biggest strength. I just want to make Pakistan proud and for that I need more and more prayers






Can someone imagine a cricket world cup without Pakistan, England or India? The same way it once was to imagine a Hockey World Cup without Pakistan! Although most of the people in Pakistan don’t follow Hockey but we still have some heroes and we’re proud of them!

IMRAN BUTT- brother of former captain Rehan Butt is one of them! In year 2009 Imran Butt stood as the Gold medalist for Pakistan in SAF Games,Silver medalist in Asian champions trophy year 2011 while gold medalist in the same tournament in year 2012 and 2013 In year 2012 Butt won a bronze medal in champions trophy! In 2014 Imran won a silver medal in asian games and champions trophy Earlier this year Imran won a Gold medal in SAF games held in India Imran got the fame he deserves in year 2015 during World league round Belgium where he saved 14 goals in just 3 matches! Here is our conversation with Imran Butt!


GREEN TEAM: What were you feeling when you were first selected for Pakistan national hockey team? 

IMRAN BUTT: I was excited.. I was really excited to represent my country but more than that I was very aggressive. As a player I am very aggressive!


GREEN TEAM: Your elder brother Rehan Butt captained Pakistan, how much did you learn from him? And why did you choose to be a goalkeeper?

 IMRAN BUTT: I learned a lot from him and his experience. He is my basic guideline.. And being a left handed player, goal keeping was the best suitable department for me in hockey…

IMRAN BUTT: That was the best feeling! Beating India was the biggest achievement of my life because you don’t get such matches every other day. It’s just like once in a lifetime moment.


GREEN TEAM: Who was your inspiration as a goalkeeper?

IMRAN BUTT: Shahid Ali Khan was my inspiration because he is one of the best goal keeper world has ever seen and while playing I used to follow Salman Akbar because Shahid Ali Khan was Salman Akbar’s trainer!


GREEN TEAM: Independence day is near, I’d like to know how do you celebrate 14th August?

IMRAN BUTT: I usually celebrate at home with family but this year I’m busy in the domestic season so wont be able to celebrate but surely I’ll make some video..

Athletes who have glorified the name of Pakistan on international stages!
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