I don’t want Pakistan to be behind anyone or anywhere for anything, said Bashir Ahmed

Bashir Ahmed is a Pakistani – American professional mixed martial artist who is known for “God-father” of Martial Arts in Pakistan. He was born in Faisalabad but he later moved to Great Falls, Virginia, USA when he was 3 years old. He arrived Pakistan in 2007 and laid the foundation of Mixed Martial Arts of Pakistan. He want to promote MMA and combat in Pakistan. Green Team interviewed Bashir Ahmed to appreciate his efforts.

Green Team: Can you give us a little background on Mixed Martial Arts ? What exactly it is and how do you train?

MMA is a sport in which every martial art or fighting style can take place. It’s a combination of all martial arts that test each others skills in a cage. You train by training all aspects of martial arts. Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, the list goes on.

Green Team: As you know Pakistan haven’t produced as much MMA fighters then how and why did you pursue this as a career and tell us about some of the difficulties you faced?

Pakistan is now producing talent as people are now beginning to see. We have had a number of fighters complete overseas from Pakistan. People have been seeing myself, Ahmed Mujtaba, Uloomi Karim and Waqar compete on large stages.

I got into this because I thought it was fun and it became a hobby I was very passionate about. I wanted to share that passion with Pakistan. I don’t like to think of the things I have faced as difficulties. I had a vision and I accomplished it. That’s a victory and a great success to me. 

I had to make some sacrifices, but I had a lot of fun on the way.


Green Team: You have spent most of your life in America, MMA is much more popular in America then why did you chose to come back to Pakistan and open a gym here?

Because I don’t want Pakistan to be behind anyone or anywhere for anything. That’s why, I may have spent a lot of time overseas but the soil from which I was born and the soil in which I will be buried will be Pakistan. My heritage and my culture are sources of enjoyment and pride for me.


Green Team: Tell us more about Shaheen? How many kids are currently getting trained there? And what do you think, how many of them can represent Pakistan in future? 

We had 200 sign ups in our first week of grand opening. Classes range from 15-30 kids.

We have about 12 kids right now who have potential for international fame in a few years as they get older.


Green Team: How do you react to your victories and defeats? MMA makes you violent or you manage to control your anger, which is out of your comforts zone?

Victory and defeat each contain their own lessons. Victory gives you an opportunity to make sure you remain humble. Defeat reminds you of your humanity and the importance of those who love you for who you are and not what you accomplish. 

MMA has only helped me control my anger and given me confidence. When you feel confident because you have self defense skills than you have no compulsion or desire to lash out in anger and prove anything.


Green Team: Would you recommend kids to take martial arts classes as an extracurricular activity in schools?

I would recommend everyone take martial arts as a way of life.


Green Team: According to you, what’s more important for a fighter, fitness or technique?

TECHNIQUE!! Technique will work when your 90 years old. Your strength may not.


Green Team: Lately many Pakistani fitness freaks lost their lives because of wrong supplements and poor guidance. Tell us more about your diet and gyming? Do you suggest youngsters to go for supplements?

I have as simple diet. I eat whole foods, I enjoy sweets in moderation and I try to follow a hadith of the Prophet (SAW) about how one’s stomach should be 1/3 air 1/3 water and 1/3 food.

I would not recommend supplements to anyone training in MMA until they are with a professional coach and they are considering doing this professionally. Even then, many, many of the best players use ZERO supplements.


Green Team: Are there any projects you are currently working on that we can look forward to?

YES! I am going to expanding our mission at Shaheen Academy, I will be doing a tour of Pakistan in December 2016 and this tour is going to be something special I promise you that. I also have some big news for international MMA as it relates to Pakistan.


Green Team: Any recommendations or advices for Pakistani youth who wants to make a future in Martial Arts?

Faith in yourself.

Unity with the MMA community.

Discipline in your training.


Thank You Bashir Ahmed for your time!!!

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