Interview With the pride of nation Ahmed Mujtaba!

The first ever fighter to represent Pakistan is Ahmad Mujtaba. He won silver medal in Pakistan Grappling Challenge, in 2014. He is 6th ranking holder among 146 in South East Asian pro-feather championship. He also boasts 5th ranking holder in Bantamweight championship. To add to this, he has an impeccable winning streak of 7 consecutive games. (7-0-0 : W-L-D)

GREEN TEAM: Not many Pakistani are into freestyle wrestling, who was your inspiration and how did your interest became your profession?

AHMED MUJTABA: My inspiration was more likely no one, but when I was a kid I was fan of WWE, Later UFC was started. After my first fight win I gained more confidence and intend to fight more.. Basically More wins, more hard work , much pain, many sacrifices gain my interest into mma and I took it as a profession But I am studying as well

GREEN TEAM: Training must be very difficult. From where did you train yourself and how do you manage studies along with this?

AHMED MUJTABA: Ofcourse training is super tough. I joined Team fight fortress 6 years back at Islamabad. TFF was at sports complex and I went there to train meeting Sir ihtasham who is my coach. Ahh!! Studies always being such a burden for me lol but after taking classes I always cover my assignments and homeworks first, later going for training. Studies are priority, you always need some backup. To be honest I am not a hard worker guy who sits all night and study like a bookworm. I am intelligent, one day before i just get the concept and go for the paper that’s how I always did and still I am doing the same.

GREEN TEAM: How do you feel after becoming the first Pakistani to win MMA title?

AHMED MUJTABA: I felt so good and I cannot express my feelings its difficult for me to tell but all I can say my hardwork and sacrifices paid me . I always had a dream to wear a belt on my shoulder and people would be my fans and I would be like a star. Alhamdulillah after winning my first mma belt I was on the top. This is something special for me after getting the belt and out of all people it’s just me who is bringing that belt home so for me it was like a dream coming true.

GREEN TEAM: How much do you believe in the statement ‘I am all because of Pakistan’?

AHMED MUJTABA: Well after getting my first international fight I have represented Pakistan. I can say that in a way that I am all bz of Pakistan its just because of Pakistan Youth To those who are my fans and people who love me while I fight for Pakistan. Pakistan’s government and big companies never sponsored me or never contacted me. I have faced many financial and other problems. The way i have carried my career is just because of Pakistan’s Youth and parents prayers.. I have always waved Pakistan flag at international stages.. I got feedback from Pakistan’s youth “my fans” Not from Pak gov and other big guns who are sitting and filling their tummies.

GREEN TEAM: 14 August is near, How do you celebrate your independence day?

AHMED MUJTABA: Well living in Quetta seems a bit risky to celebrate. But will celebrate for sure. Umm I am invited tomorrow as a guest and that event is for 14th august so for now I will celebrate 14th august like this.

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