Players are the bosses and coaches are the helpers: Nadeem Khan


Nadeem Khan, a prominent name from Pakistan’s List A and domestic cricket, is named in the salient features of these crickets as he has got shining career there. Although he hadn’t got enough to do with international cricket, he got featured in two ODIs and two Test matches from 1993 to 1999. The domestic veteran who was an effective spinner, also played professional cricket in England till 2010

Notably, the elder brother of the well-known ex-Pakistani cricketer, Moin Khan, has recently become the director High Performance of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Discussing the post plans after he has taken over his role as a director of High Performance, he says when the marina (Coronavirus) will be over, the first step to be taken is the assessment of the staff from dusk to dawn.

Nadeem did not get much of his cricketing career and left the country where he ran a restaurant and cope up with delinquent children to divert their attention towards sports. Later, Moin called him back to Pakistan for running his academy, Moin Khan Academy, effectively and serving Pakistan Cricket better with his experience.

Upon joining his brother’s academy, the duo of siblings made it way better than other academies and have improved ground conditions to make it virtual and operative for the players.

On behalf of his services, he sustained a call by UBL cricket where he did not only revive the UBL academy but also transformed it into a self-sustaining financial academy where budding youngsters get featured in high-quality grooming institute.

During Nadeem’s tenure, UBL Academy’s strength is almost 1200 and has got featured in Quaide-Azam trophy 2015-16 as well and won Inter-Departmental One-Day Cup 2017-18. During his era, four UBL players have got their ways to international cricket.

The director was interviewed by the hosts of Green Team where a commentator asked why he made a statement saying,

“Players are the bosses and coaches are the helpers”

Nadeem said because it is the player to decide which shot they will go for probably on the field when the ball arrives with a speed of 90 miles and above. He has termed the players like the quick decision-makers to whom the coaches and staff can guide only and the action is dependent upon a player.

Discussing the performances of players in Australia and South African conditions, Nadeem revealed that

“We are training the players providing a bit similar pitch conditions as it varies from country to country amidst the weather, it cannot be equally justified.”

Moreover, on the new agenda of selection for Quaid e Azam trophy, U19 players will be considered along with those relevant players who played last year while judging their yearly performances.

Revealing the restructuring process for the cricket academies across the country, Nadeem Khan revealed that the changes can be seen probably from the initial August as he just has been appointed recently for his role.

Watch the show:

  • Hosted by: Shahzaib Khan and Sohail Khan
  • Reported by: Zainab Shafiq
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