Vikrant Gupta: ICC is hanging the decision on the T20 World Cup by a thread on purpose

Vikrant Gupta, one of the most experienced editors and the anchor at Aaj Tak Sports is also a senior cricket journalist in India. He has been working with the cricketing authorities for years.

The veteran sports correspondent was live on “The Quarantine Show” organized by the hosts of Green Team. He answered several major queries of the fans and hosts.

The major concern that goes running nowadays in the world of cricket is the decision on IPL and the T20 World Cup. As the decision keeps on deferring on the World Cup that is to be scheduled in Australia from 18th October according to the existing schedule, the decision on other cricketing activities can’t be taken and will be hanging by a thread.

The jeopardy of the T20 World Cup will also be giving a vast window to a massive cash-rich T20 Indian league, IPL. Vikrant Gupta thinks that the ICC, just to create discomfort for BCCI, is delaying the decision on purpose. The authority is not thinking of other nations who also can have a wider window to hold their series.

Vikrant Gupta: ICC is hanging the decision on the T20 World Cup by a thread on purpose

ICC is delaying the decision on the T20 World Cup on purpose for a longer duration to discomfort BCCI. It’s not only about IPL but the other nations can also have a vast window to organize their series if the decision stops hanging by a thread.

If ICC will keep on hanging the decision, the decisive strategies on Asia Cup would also be interrupted.

He disclosed that it is only a myth when said that India prefers IPL over the T20 World Cup. Being a world and nation by nation event, the T20 World Cup is deserving and preferred by India.

Nation vs Nation matches is more preferred. It is only a myth outside India that the nation is desperate for IPL. The T20 World Cup being a mega-event is prior to every Indian than IPL although IPL is the biggest T20 cash-rich league.

IPL is a tentative plan, wouldn’t be easy for Australia to hold the T20 World Cup amidst the health crisis

On being asked about the possibilities of IPL, Vikrant maintained no country would admire to resume sports on the home soil when the number of the deadly disease keeps on rising.

This is not an ideal world. Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, a country will think of saving itself. Likewise, it will be tough for Australia to manage sixteen teams at once.

Similarly, IPL will have disruptions in its ways despite shortlisting at least two venues as the number of cases is rising spontaneously. IPL is only a tentative plan.

Stepping directly in the ground for the World Cup with no practice for months can’t be expected from a player

Also, he discussed that stepping directly into international cricket or the mega-event is impossible for the player. As no practice has been tendered for months, it can cause injuries to players. West Indies, England, and Pakistan are to begin their cricket season. It cannot be expected from other countries to kick off from the World Cup without training sessions.

West Indies, England, and Pakistan are just to kick off their cricket season but the remaining teams still haven’t got a chance to play. It can’t be expected for them to jump directly in the ground for the T20 World Cup. There is no cricket and its practice for months.

MS Dhoni is unfair to youngsters, he has stayed away from cricket for so long

Moreover, the retirement of MS Dhoni has been another fuming topic for the Indian media along with the selection of Rishabh Pant or KL Rahul as a wicket-keeper. The senior journalist said Dhoni has not been playing cricket for more than a year. As everything expires with its due date, he shall be giving chances to youngsters who have got abilities.

Dhoni is a little unfair to youngsters. He has stayed away from cricket for a year, as everything has to expire with the rising age.

Everyone is inexperienced in the initial stages. Rishabh Pant has polished his wicketkeeping skills with time and India Cricket is unfair to him.

It is not easy to captain Pakistan Cricket Team, Babar can face failure at several stages

Further, when questioned how Babar Azam is in the eyes of Indians, Vikrant Gupta admired his batting abilities. He said that his career can be in doubt. It is not a piece of pie to captain Pakistan Team. Babar will face severe failures. if he will not be supported by the people and management, Pakistan can lose a gem like him either as a player or the captain.

The politics lying within the captaincy can down Babar Azam’s career. He is the batsman on whom the team and Pakistan rely as he has got skills. There will come a time where his captaincy and performance will collide out of burden as whatever goes up must come down. There can be an advantage too as he can score more runs.

Watch the show:

  • Hosted by: Sohail Khan and Shahzaib Ali
  • Reported by: Zainab Shafiq

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