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Don’t be biased – Shane Warne gave a ‘Shut Up’ call to Harsha Bhogle

India off-spinner and Kings XI Punjab captain, R Ashwin has kicked up a debate on social media after he ‘mankaded’ Rajasthan Royals opener Jos Buttler in their Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 match in Jaipur on Monday.

The opinions are divided over the controversial run out that has brought back the spirit of the game debate. Rajasthan Royals were cruising towards a 185-run target in their IPL 2019 opener before Ashwin ran Buttler out at the non-striker’s end. Buttler was batting on 69 runs from 43 balls and was looking set to take the Royals past the finish line.

Buttler and Ashwin had an animated mid-pitch conversation after the KXIP captain appealed for a wicket. Even as the third umpire was called into play, the two players had a go at each other. Eventually, Buttler was given out, prompting critical social media reactions from former players.

Controversy erupted in the clash between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab in Jaipur after Ravichandran Ashwin mankaded Jos Buttler. Chasing 185 for victory, Royals were well-placed at 105/1 after 12 overs with Buttler leading the charge with a half-century.

Ashwin, who then came onto bowl his final over of the game, saw an opportunity off the fifth ball to mankad the batsman. R Ashwin was about to bowl the last ball of his spell and Buttler was at the non-strikers’, backing up.

Butler was in the crease even after Ashwin stopped in his stride and started turning back to Mankade him. He literally waited till he went out of the crease. Photo: BCCI

The offspinner saw it, turned around and calmly broke the stumps. The event sparked visibly heated exchanges between the two players, and prompted outrage, Ashwin paused and waited for Buttler to leave crease which goes against the spirit of the game but it was, technically, within the laws of the game.

Shane Warne Accuses Harsha Bhogle For Being Biased in Mankading Act;

Former Australian legend Shane Warne has always been a straight talker and this time too, he did not beat around the bush as he accused commentator Harsha Bhogle of being ‘bias’ in the ‘Ashwin’s Mankad’ controversy.

After Buttler’s controversial run out by Ashwin during the KXIP-RR match, cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle and Rajasthan Royals mentor Shane Warne got into a heated debate over the dismissal, laws of the game, and spirit of the game.

It all started when Harsha took to Twitter to remind fans of the great performances by Chris Gayle, Jos Butler, Sarfaraz Khan and that the controversy should not steal the limelight away from the brilliant performances. This did not go down well with the Royals coach Shane Warne who came down hard on Harsha.

Harsha’s post read, “By the way, there was a match too and there were some fantastic performances from Gayle and Buttler, Ashwin and Archer and Sarfaraz. Don’t bury that.”

To this, Warne’s response was, “Harsha, if that had of been an international player you would have nailed him ! Please do not be bias & stick up for your own. Any player in the game that does that to anyone is an embarrassment to the game & as captain it’s even more disgraceful.”

It did not end there. Harsha was asked a question on the rule by a fan and he responded. Warne commented on his response to a fan as well.

“Nothing in the laws though about warning. Just as there is nothing in the laws about a wicket keeper warning a batsman for being out of the crease and not stumping him,” read Harsha’s reply to a fan.

Warne’s reply was, “Harsha you are missing the point completely & I’m disappointed in you as you always push the spirit of the game – now you condone this behaviour ? Ashwin’s actions were simply disgraceful, and I hope the BCCI doesn’t condone this sort of behaviour in the IPL”

Apart from this heated debate, Legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne went on a rant about R Ashwin’s action during the fourth match of IPL 2019. Warne said he is “so disappointed” in Ashwin “as a person and as a captain” and urged the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to act against the KXIP skipper. 


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