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IPL 2020 to have pre-recorded fans chants

IPL 2020 to have pre-recorded fans chants
IPL 2020 to have pre-recorded fans chants. Image: Crictribune

Fans being an essential and boosting part of cricket, are miss to witness the Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) live as the spectators. With the COVID-19 hit across the globe, the nations are forced to drag their games behind closed doors. The league, that is to be commenced by 19th September, has decided to have pre-recorded fans chants to boost the player’s confidence.

The fans and their chants motivate the players – whether to celebrate their wickets, boundaries or some massive record. When there will be complete silence, the participants might find it hard to go without the back support – it might diminish his confidence. Hence, the step has been taken consequently.

IPL 2020 to have pre-recorded fans chants

“So, it was decided that while some teams will record the reactions of cheerleaders, which will be played out for every four, six or wicket, other teams have decided to create small videos of fans cheering for them and those will be played out while the cricketers are battling it out in the middle,” the official explained as quoted by Business World.

“While fans will feel they are getting to be a part of the action in their own little way, players will know that they are being closely followed by their fans even though they are not present live in the stadium. There is nothing more special for cricketers than to see fans cheer them on and motivate them,” he stated.

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