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Mohammad Amir hits back at Naveen-ul-Haq

The on-field verbal spat between Shahid Afridi, Naveen-ul-Haq and Mohammad Amir seems far from over with the conversation moving off-field.

It all started when Galle Gladiators captain Shahid Afridi was not amused with Kandy Tuskers’ Naveen-ul-Haq after the rookie pacer had a heated exchange with left-arm pacer Mohammad Amir during the sixth match of the inaugural edition of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) on Monday.

Naveen allegedly hurled Amir during Gladiators’ innings, which didn’t go down well with the Pakistani pacer. The duo had to be separated by their team member as they kept on arguing after Tuskers won the match by 25 runs.

Munaf Patel along with others on the field, the players tried to show their sportsmanship stopping him to indulge in the incident but nothing worked out in front of the aggressive Afghani lad.

After the match when players were exchanging handshakes, Afridi was seen smiling until he saw Naveen and confronted the Afghan pacer over his behaviour with Amir.

Afridi erupts in anger on Afghanistan pacer who had a heated exchange with Mohammad Amir.

In the video going viral on social media, Afridi can be seen starring at him and asking something to him angrily.

Former Pakistan cricket captain and Galle Gladiators skipper Shahid Afridi on Tuesday disclosed what advice he gave 21-year-old Afghanistan cricketer Naveen-ul Haq. 

Responding to Afridi’s advice, Afghani Lad replied that he’s “Always ready to take advice and give respect.”

“Always ready to take advice and give respect, Cricket is a gentleman’s game but if someone says you all are under our feet and will stay their then he is not only talking about me but also talking abt my ppl,” Naveen replied under Afridi’s tweet.

Now Mohammad Amir has hit back at Naveen-ul-Haq by calling him a liar.

Mohammad Amir has declared Naveen-ul-Haq a liar and also revealed that he never made any negative remarks about Naveen or Afghanistan.

“Naveen-ul-Haq is a liar. I never made any negative remark about him or Afghanistan. He was constantly ‘ABUSlNG’ me, calling me a ”TRAlTOR’ and saying I should have gone to jail for 5 years,” Amir said according to Saj Sadiq.

Earlier in an interview given to Cricingif, Mohammad Amir revealed that the latter “kept arguing” even after the match had ended.

“The situation was such, and I was also aggressive,” Amir said during an interview with Cricingif, adding that Haq kept on arguing.

Amir said that a player’s heart rate also hits 170-200 during the match, so a person is not able to think straight. “However, this should be discouraged.”

“[Naveen] is a youngster, and he will learn with time,” Amir said, adding: “It’s a part of cricket.”

Amir revealed that when he had joined the game, even he would sledge the basement. “It happens in the heat of the moment, and no one gets personal.”

The pacer said that bowlers need to focus on their bowling, and their aim should be to send the batsman back to the pavillion.

Speaking about what former Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi told Haq, he said: “Shahid bhai told him that it was not the way to behave with seniors. It’s just a game, anything can happen.”

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