Zalmi are about to lift the Global Cricketing Standards

London, United Kingdom 19th June 2017 – WITH PAKISTAN LIFTING THE CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2017 THE PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS PESHAWAR ZALMI ARE ABOUT TO LIFT THE GLOBAL CRICKETING STANDARDS. As cricket is going more and more globally-local and the CSA Global T20 league announcing 8 privately owned teams, things for cricket are only looking up.

The owner of one such team is Mr. Javed Afridi, a young Pakistani businessman, philanthropist, entrepreneur & owner of a cricket franchise by the name of Peshawar Zalmi. Javed Afridi recently announced that the Zalmi philosophy will now extend to the South African Global T20 League as ‘Benoni Zalmi’.

Why Benoni ‘Zalmi’? ‘Zalmi’ is a term which is commonly used in the north of Pakistan for “highly passionate youth” it is drive, it is unrelenting energy and resilience and encapsulates all the hope, passion, ambition and strength of a young heart. For Javed Afridi, Benoni, a city on the East Rand in the South African province of Gauteng which this team will represent, encapsulates the essence of ‘Zalmi’.

“We want to show that cricket is a sport that is filled with passion and drive, from one continent to another, our love for cricket makes us one. It makes us whole.” – Javed Afridi.

Last year the Peshawar Zalmi team showed the world that they were a force to be reckoned with when they became champions in the 2017 Pakistan Super League. Their victory was hailed throughout Pakistan as they rose through the ranks to prove their mettle.

“Zalmi represents the true passion in cricket as it empowers the youth to do their best. We now want to bring this philosophy to life on a global level.” – Javed Afridi.

The Zalmi foundation is a key motivating factor for this franchise which has undertaken several development projects to transform lives of the community through sports in Pakistan. It inspires young people to build a better life for themselves and unite the communities through health, education and cricket.

Benoni Zalmi wants to take that same philosophy forward, to be the pride and joy of South Africa by bringing the same viewpoint of hope and youth empowerment. This step would be the gateway for the foundation to entire African continent for its mission to bring back smiles to those who are less privileged.

“It is an honour for us to represent Benoni, we may be the champions in Pakistan but there is a bigger message we would like to give to the world. Don’t lose your youthfulness, never lose your passion, in cricket and in life.”  – Javed Afridi

Peshawar Zalmi Media Department

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