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Importance of Cricket returning to Pakistan

In a Country where you would normally see players like Virender Sehwag, Sadhin Tendulkar, Micheal Vaughan and other top names casually walk on the streets, play big tournaments as well as test series in different Cities of Pakistan without any fear of safety and security but unfortunately things have taken a drastic turn lately. It is disheartening to see that in the same nation where international players never hesitated before traveling to Pakistan and where Cricket is not only known as a sport but something which is very close to every Pakistani’s heart has not seen regular Cricket at their home since quite a long time. however there have been events like the PSL Final and the Zimbabweans coming over for a few games but the country has longed to see a full-fledged tournament or a series involving top names of Cricket due to some circumstances that allows foreign players to think twice before travelling to Pakistan.

Ever since the horrific Incident that occurred back in 2009 in Lahore when The Sri Lankan team was attacked, the doors to International Cricket were sealed as no Cricket was willing to send their team to a Country that was known as an unsafe one in the eyes of foreigners. As mentioned above, Pakistan was able to take baby steps over the years to bring back Cricket by first inviting Zimbabwe for a series which was indeed a huge success and then the PSL 2017 final was held in Lahore as well which had Darren Sammy, Marlon Samuels, Dawid Malan and other overseas players who left the country with a huge smile on their faces. The arrival of World XI is expected in Pakistan currently and again big names are rumoured to take part from all over the world, this series will make a huge impact if it turns out to be another success as this will help Recover the sinking cricketing Image of Pakistan leading to the revival of International Cricket.

As we all know, every Cricket Playing nation has the advantage of having cricket matches against top teams at their home which lets them attain best results possible as every team that gets the opportunity to play at home do well because they are familiar with the conditions and pitches. Pakistan on the other hand has not been able to play home series since the past few years resulting to downfall in the team rankings. Although they do have a good record on neutral venues like the United Arab Emirates and The United Kingdom where they have done reasonably well but they still lack the benefit of playing on their home turf. International Cricket in Pakistan will help the Country improve their ranking as they will be playing regularly at home and will remain intact in sports.

The Passionate and enthusiastic Pakistani fans deserve to get an opportunity to see international stars in their country once again playing like old times.

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Not only famous but The local players of Pakistan will also make full use of International Players as they can learn from them, be groomed and gain experience. So PCB has to do their best and should continue to take small steps by hosting more events like the World XI so that it convinces other boards to send their players and also attracts broadcasters as well as sponsors to invest more in Pakistan Cricket so we once again get to see regular International Cricket all over Pakistan, not only in Lahore or Karachi.

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