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Mohammad Amir – The Leader of the Attack

It all started back in 2009, when The 17 year old fast bowler wore the International jersey for the first time and stepped onto the field with nervousness and pressure in Mind which is normal as every debutant would want to make his presence felt from the first match itself with that being said, Amir’s International Career was off to a brilliant start as He was troubling well experienced batsmen with his extreme pace and swing, He had already become a key bowler in the national team at a very young age looking at his magnificent skills with the ball.

Mohammad Amir’s glorious International career was going quite smoothly until August 2010 arrived, Amir was implicated in allegations of spot fixing and was handed a 5 year ban from International Cricket. It was dreadful and indeed a forgettable phase for Mohammad Amir as many people had lost respect for him and blamed him for ruining his own career. Not only that the fans were already assured that they have found a future prospect in Mohammad Amir.

However Life indeed gave a second chance to Mohammad Amir and he grabbed it with both hands, 6 years later in 2016 Amir was back in international cricket with a bang, He started from where he left of, although it was not easy for Amir to bowl the way he used to bowl during the early days of his career as he was away from Cricket for a long period of time but that still did not stop him from making an excellent comeback as he once again showed how talented he is with the ball and he did not fail to impress and regain respect from the Pakistani fans.

As we all know now Amir has become the frontline bowler of the Pakistani Team and his performance with the ball is very vital for the team’s success just like everyone saw in the Champions Trophy 2017 Final, Amir was able to pick up some massive wickets of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan early in an important game which opened the door to victory for Pakistan.

Mohammad Amir is not only dangerous with the ball but is also very handy with the bat, he is the one who can be trusted when the team is in tough position to win, take Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Champions Trophy Quarter Final as an example, Amir batted sharply used his mind and helped Sarfaraz Ahmed chase down a target which looked difficult to achieve as the team was in a uncomfortable situation. Previously aswell, Amir has been scoring good amount of runs and has the ability to become a good all rounder if he works hard on both departments of the game.

It is evident that when it comes to performing well in crucial matches, Mohammad Amir cannot be counted out as he is the bowler who can become a batsman’s nightmare when it comes to swing aswell as pace and he is capable of delivering early blows and put pressure on the opposition from the start which he has shown a number times in his career already. Hopefully Mohammad Amir will continue to work hard, Perform consistently well and keep on contributing in Pakistan’s victories both with the bat and ball in the future

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