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The moment which says, ‘Mate, I am the boss here’

Pakistan’s T20I decider against New Zealand was swinging like a pendulum. One minute it was the visiting Sarfraz-11 on top, another minute the odds were in favour of the Kiwis.

And then came the moment, the moment which can be best described only through the words of John Keats:

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

Third delivery of the sixteenth over;

Full outside leg – a terrific yorker which Ross Taylor couldn’t pick. The ball went between both legs and through to the keeper. Skipper Sarfraz immediately reacted, he threw the ball at the stumps based on his judgment that the batsmen were considering to take a run.

The scene could have ended. The drama could have been over. But it wasn’t. Fortunately, it wasn’t.

Because after that, cricket witnessed a brilliant razor-sharp observation. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that what happened next concluded the game for Pakistan, and cemented its position as a top-ranked T20 team.

For Sarfaraz, it was a ball just well delivered. The Kiwis had missed scoring on two consecutive deliveries. The required run rate had mounted. All well, all good. Off to next delivery.

But. The fast bowler had a different thought, for him it wasn’t just a miss, in fact, he had gotten the danger man with the caught behind.

He appealed to the umpire, but the decision maker dismissed the appeal.  However, Sarfaraz had confidence in his man, he went with his judgment. A risky review was taken.

And to the surprise of many, THERE WAS AN EDGE!!.

The ball did hit the bat before going through Taylor’s legs.

Taylor’s inning was over. New Zealand’s chances in the game drastically decreased. Sarfraz had a grin and for Aamir, he won the right to call himself the ‘man of the moment’.

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