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All about Test Championship

Test cricket is a format in which the technique and temperament of a cricketer are demonstrated which makes this considerably different to limited-overs cricket. This form of the sport is the longest and is considered the game’s highest standard. While Test match cricket is regarded by both players and fans as the ultimate test of playing ability, with the introduction of many T20 leagues in modern-day cricket, it has been argued that the future of this format is questionable. This being said, with one of the biggest rivalries being a part of Test match cricket, The Ashes, there is no doubt that this format is and will be highly rated in England and Australia.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has introduced the ICC Test Championship which is an initiative in aiding the development of Test cricket. It is, therefore, a suitable period for cricketers who are a part of the playing nations to take this opportunity to perform well and mark their guards.

How it works

The ICC Test Championship is based on points taken by each team playing against each other in an individual series. The top two teams will play in the final match of the Championship. There is a possibility of this being between Pakistan and India, which will be regarded as one of the greatest encounters in the history of the game! Whoever the champion, this initiative should be taken by cricketers to develop and show their skill and strength.

Virat Kohli recently stated in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, “You have to put your ego away while batting and make your nation proud”!

We wish the best of luck to the all teams participating and their fans.

Written by Aqil

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