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Aqib Javed: The one who slams PCB, gets the job there

Aqib Javed: The one who slams PCB, gets the job there

Aqib Javed: The one who slams PCB, gets the job there. Image: GeoSuper

The former Pakistani cricketer, Aqib Javed, believes that whoever slams and criticizes the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), gets the job there. In an exclusive interview with the reporters, he has mentioned how Faisal Iqbal slammed the board and despite all that, he has been selected for the post in the domestic cricket.

Aqib Javed: The one who slams PCB, gets the job there

“I have no idea of the direction Pakistan cricket is heading towards. It seems that whoever slams the PCB gets a job. The Javed Miandad case is in front of us. One day he criticised PCB policies but then when he apologised the other day, Faisal Iqbal got appointed Balochistan’s head coach,” Javed told a group of reporters.

Javed further added that Umar Gul, who is a notable part of the cricket committee, is resuming to play for a domestic team. He has found it wrong to play and to be the part of the management at the same time.

“Umar Gul is in the Cricket Committee but also a part of a domestic team. Also, Faisal Iqbal and Imran Farhat made their debuts together. Now one is Balochistan’s coach and the other is still playing. What purpose do cricketers such as Umar Gul, Imran Farhat, Mohammad Talha and Imran Khan serve by playing domestic cricket,” Javed said.

Also, he mentioned that the senior players, who are no more playing international games for Pakistan, should be the part of the first XI instead of second. Javed believes that the second XI shall conclude the youngsters and players from PSL.

“Those who do not have a future with the national team have been added to the first XI. Young players and PSL performers have been shunted into the second XI. You should give a preference to those who can contend for the national team.”

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