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Babar Azam’s fans get disappointed after Aamer Sohail termed his batting as ‘faulty’

Babar Azam's fans get disappointed after Aamer Sohail termed his batting as 'faulty'

Babar Azam has always been an exceptional batsman across all the formats for Pakistan Cricket. The batsman has got his tricks to go fine with the bat as he has mastered the cover drives. He has been the backbone of the Pakistan Cricket Team in all formats.

Aamer Sohail, the former Pakistani cricketer, has called Babar’s batting techniques as ‘faulty’ which has been quite offended for his fans.

He mentioned that Misbah ul Haq would have already dug out his flaws and will take needed measures for the improvements. Reviving what happened with Sarfaraz Ahmed on behalf of a few trash performances, he said Babar should not be treated alike and PCB shall understand ebb and flow are a part of every cricketer’s career.

Babar Azam’s fans get disappointed after Aamer Sohail termed his batting as ‘faulty’

“There is a fault in Azam’s technique related to his setup and stance. His trigger movement is slightly off, which could be because he wants to avoid getting bowled or LBW, but if he can correct that he can get into a better position and dominate the bowlers even more,” he said.

“I hope that Misbah would have already identified this and will do what’s necessary to fix this issue as this will make Azam an even bigger threat for the opposition.”

“In order to become a great player, he needs to realize that there will come a point where he won’t be able to score runs easily,” he said.

“Over 40 percent of his runs come through boundaries but at times he won’t be able to hit them at will. To counter that he will have to play sensibly and score runs in singles and doubles but he needs to learn this art first.”

“He needs to make his teammates better by inspiring them through his batting. He needs to create a good environment in the dressing room and stay away from politics,” he said.

“The PCB also needs to support him and don’t treat him like Sarfaraz Ahmed. Azam needs to be backed if you have given him the responsibility to lead the side,” he said.

“Every player goes through bad patches but that does not mean that you completely discard them. PCB will have to accept Azam’s failures, as well, in order to avoid shattering his confidence.”

Babar has got a huge fan base and his fans have got disappointed over Aamer’s comment. Have a look towards few tweets:


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