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Cricket won’t be on Imran Khan’s mind, said Mushtaq Mohammad

Former Pakistan all-rounder Mushtaq Mohammad is not too optimistic about resumption of bilateral cricketing ties between India and Pakistan despite Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) being in power.

Speaking in an interview, Mushtaq said that Khan — who was the captain of the Pakistan World Cup winning side in 1992 — has bigger issues to deal with, other than cricket, which is why cricket might take a back seat on his agenda but he was hopeful that PTI chairman would lead the country in the same manner in which he did the cricket team.

Cricket will probably not be on his mind. He would have bigger issues to deal with,” Mohammad told the Times of India. “I just hope he leads the country the way he led the Pakistan team.

He also hoped that under Khan’s leadership, the country will get rid of the menace of poverty: “The politicians over the years haven’t done much for my country. I hope Imran will help bring down the poverty.”

Mushtaq — who played 57 Tests and 10 ODIs for Pakistan —also shared his thoughts on the ongoing Test series between England and India.

He was quick to heap praise on India captain Virat Kohli and believed that he would be a tough cookie to crack for any Pakistan captain.

“Kohli would be the most difficult to deal with for any Pakistan captain,” he said. “Kohli plays all the three formats so well which makes him a difficult player to stop. I hope he wins this Test series against England.”

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