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Cricketers expect Imran Khan to deliver on promises

With Imran Khan all set to become the first ever sportsman to become the Prime Minister of a country, Pakistan’s athletes have huge expectations from their leader. The cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan’s PTI won the most number of seats in the center and is hot favorites to form Pakistan’s next Federal Government.

The ex-cricketer has always laid emphasis on the decline of sports in Pakistan and promised on various occasions that if he ever comes into power, his team will do the best it can to revolutionize sport especially cricket.

Imran Khan promised, in his speeches, that cricket will once again rise to the top during his tenure as PM.

Pakistan’s young cricketers, like others, are really hopeful that during the tenure of the 65-year-old cricket will flourish both at a national and international level. According to some young sportsmen, they voted for Khan’s PTI only because they wanted to see an improvement in the sports department overall.

Talking to Private TV Channel, a young cricketer said “Obviously we have high expectations from him because he himself has been a great sportsman in his time. He understands the game of cricket well and we expect that he understands the financial needs of upcoming cricketers better than anyone else and hopefully he will do his best to improve the financial situation of the sport, at least.”

“Firstly, the new chairman of the PCB should be a sportsman because we want someone to lead the board who understands the game from a professional level. Previous chairmen have never paid attention to the players’ problems especially at the club and zonal levels. We expect such problems to be addressed once Khan comes into power”, said another young cricketer.

Other players further elaborated: “Imran Khan has always talked about merit based selection in his speeches and frankly he did the same during his captaining days. We expect him to do the same with respect to Cricket once he becomes PM”.

“The biggest problem with every sport is corruption. I expect Khan to set positive precedents and punish all such cricketers that taint the image of Pakistan by doing corruption.”

Young cricketers talking to Private TV Channel said that they expected Khan to deliver on his promises.

Imran’s ‘Naya Pakistan’ is home to all the ideal circumstances for a sportsman but if the ’92 world cup winning captain stays true to his word and improves sport on a global and local level still remains to be seen.


Reported By: Ismah & Edited / Translated By: Raacikh Asghar

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