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“Dear Misbah We Had Wrist Spinners”

So Misbah during post match press conference said that we don’t have any other wrist spinners except Shadab in our system. He even aggressively asked that how many spinners have played firstclass matches regularly in last 5-6 years?

OK Point Taken

Dear Misbah….!
These all leg spinners with so much potential were available in our system when you were the captain and you had all the athourity. What you did for them when they were being wasted by our system? Have you asked PCB to take care of them or atleast keep eye on them?

Zahid Mahmood from Dadu playing firstclass cricket for last 10 years but than they divided his hyderabad region in to two & he got demoted to weaker Larkana region who never really qualified for firstclass, he than joined State Bank who was also grade 2 side so talent got wasted.

Shahzaib Ahmed Khan another quality legspinner from Karachi was consistently ignored from his region for Firstclass & T20s, he than joins port Qasim which was also demoted to Grade 2 because of change in rules of our firstclass structure. He than moved to England to play some Club Cricket, you called him back in 2017 & played against Windies in side match, he did well picked up 5fer but than again ignored. He than joined KE which was also Grade 2 side (Another talent Wasted).

Usama Mir from Sialkot the find of PSL was the 2nd highest wicket taker of first 2 seasons of PSL jointly but what happend with him? you prefered Shadab over him & than he got injured, he travelled to abroad & got treatment on his own expense & when he returned to professional Cricket he was never treated well by his department. Coach use to play him here & there in few white ball games. Why didn’t PCB kept their check & balance.

Usman Qadir was that good that he played couple of U-19 Worldcups for our country & later country like Australia got ready to own him because of his legspin art than why our system didn’t own him why didn’t he got enough chances here. Why his selection was always blamed with the name of his father? (another wrist spinner gone from our hands).

 Muhammad Irfan Khan from Fata once considered as the replacement of Yasir Shah but than what happend? How much work has PCB done on him? How many tours he did with A Team? Why we saw him being used as batting allrounder by his department.

You had all the authority Misbah Sahab you were the captain than you were the advisor to Chairman & than become part of cricket committee before appearing as the most powerful character of Pakistan Cricket.

What were you doing when our system was destroying these talented wrist spinners & let me tell you it was just the good luck of Shadab that he got selected straightaway on the basis of just 1 PSL season performance else he would have also been destroyed as he also didn’t had any firstclass experience before appearing for Pakistan. Dear Coach kam Chief Selector please don’t blame our system for not producing quality players because you are the most important character of this system since last 10 years.

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