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Draft System Set To Be Introduced To The Pakistani Domestic Circuit.

Chairman PCB, Shaharyar Khan earlier this week confirmed that the regional teams will chose players through a draft. The idea was offended by many including the chairman of Karachi regional cricket board after which he left the meeting to protest the idea of drafting the players. Not just the regional committees, but many ex-cricketers and analyzers did not agree upon the idea of draft. The draft system would change a lot of things. Many players earn living from the domestic cricket and due to that there’s a big chance of a numbers of players being unemployed. This will have a negative impact on the domestic cricket.

”There were animated discussions on the domestic revamp. Karachi said this new system was wrong. But we have taken the position that the draft will happen, otherwise there is corruption and nepotism in the system. It happens often in some regions where the president wants to play his players. Karachi did raise an objection and then, yes, they did walk out of the meeting.”,  said Shaharyar Khan.

The drafting system might give the domestic cricket a merit status again in Pakistan but on the same side it has a negative impact among the cricketers. PCB knows this might make the merit selection policies more stronger than before but many of the talented players might be left out. At the end of the meeting it was finalized that each team will pick eight players from the draft, two from regional’s under-19 circuit and ten through usual selection. Also Lahore, Sialkot, Quetta and FATA will be replacing Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi and Peshawar in the upcoming season.

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