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Ehsan Mani and Najam Sethi made a big decission

Former member of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Board of Governors (BoG) Mansoor Masood Khan has started a quest for truce between former Chairman Najam Sethi and current office holder Ehsan Mani.

The duo have been engaged in a legal battle after the PCB released list of expenses incurred during Sethi’s tenure on its official site, back in October.

Following that, Sethi not only denied the list, but also sent a legal notice to Mani. The board came up with a strong response of the notice and declared the list authentic. After that court hearing, Sethi again sent another notice to the board.

Having closely followed the situation, Khan — who is believed to be on good terms with both Sethi and Mani — has decided to intervene in order to ensure that the situation does not deteriorate further and is resolved outside the court.

According to Daily Express, Khan has held a meeting with both Mani and Sethi in order to diffuse the situation. He suggested that the duo should end their legal battle and solve the matter via dialogue.

Furthermore, it is believed that this tactic of Khan has worked and both of them are now reconsidering their decisions.

When our correspondent approached Khan on this matter, he confirmed about meetings with Mani and Sethi. However he refrained from giving any further details on it.

What happened between these two?

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi sent a legal notice to current chairman Ehsan Mani, accusing the current management of publishing incorrect details of his expenses to hurt his reputation.

According to the legal notice, a copy of which is available, the details published by the PCB on its website of expenses and payments during Sethi’s term were “incorrect, misleading, grossly exaggerated and deliberately calculated to hurt Mr Sethi’s reputation and to lower the esteem in which he is held by the general public.”

A copy of Legal Notice sent by Najam Sethi to Ehsan Mani. (Page: 1)

On October 27, the cricket board published details of the expenses incurred during Sethi’s terms as PCB chairman and Chairman of the PCB’s Executive Committee.

As per the PCB document, Sethi spent over Rs71 million in total— Rs31,115,180 during his four years as Chairman of the Executive Committee and Rs40,837,521 as PCB Chairman.

Terming the details as “deliberately misleading and defamatory”, the legal notice said the PCB document presents “incorrect figures, withholds information and deliberately avoids noting that all payments in question were authorised by the PCB’s Governing Board under the relevant rules”.

The legal notice stated that Sethi was never paid the amount Rs14 million as ‘PSL Allowance’, as claimed in the PCB document.

A copy of Legal Notice sent by Najam Sethi to Ehsan Mani. (Page: 2)

The notice further rejected PCB’s claim that no amount was paid to Ehsan Mani as ‘Accommodation Allowance’.

“This is deliberately misleading. Mr Ehsan Mani is currently being provided a furnished apartment in lieu of his Accomodation Allowance,” it said.

Referring to a number of expenses and payments in the PCB document listed as utility payments, PSL allowance and accommodation allowance, the notice said the board failed to state that all of these were “duly authorized and approved by the PCB’s Board of Governors”. It added that PCB accounts were audited during Sethi’s term by two external auditors who did not raise any objections.

The Pakistan Cricket Board responded to the legal notice sent by former chairman Najam Sethi.

The PCB categorically denied each and every allegation contained in Sethi’s legal notice, stating that it was without any factual or legal basis and appeared to have been issued to supplement the former chairman’s purported intent to use it for a media campaign against the cricket board and chairman Ehsan Mani.

On October 29, Sethi had set a legal notice to PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani, accusing the board’s current management of publishing incorrect details of his expenses to hurt his reputation.

PCB’s response to Sethi’s legal notice states:

“Our client [PCB] has merely disclosed as part of its transparency and accountability policy relevant information relating to its management. The amounts disclosed in the Chart pertaining to your client [Najam Sethi] are solely based on financial records of the Pakistan Cricket Board as were overseen by your client in his capacity as Chairman up until 20 August 2018.”

The PCB’s response added that legal remedies can be sought at the appropriate time specifically if Sethi’s legal notice is not withdrawn.



Via: Daily Express / Cricket Pakistan

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